Mali authorities have officially applied for military assistance to Russia

Against the background of the West's inability to restore order in the country, the Mali authorities have officially turned to Russia for military assistance.

Despite the harsh rhetoric of Western countries against the authorities of the African Republic of Mali about the inadmissibility of turning to the Russian military and PMCs for assistance amid the military and political crisis in the country, it became known that the authorities of this country officially sent Russia a request for assistance in the fight with terrorists. The data on this matter was confirmed by the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov.

“They turned to a private military company from Russia in connection with the fact that, as I understand it, France wants to significantly reduce its military contingent, which was there and was supposed, as everyone understood, to fight terrorists. As the Malian authorities assessed their own capabilities as insufficient without external support and as external support is dwindling from those who have pledged to help eradicate terrorism, they turned to a private Russian military company. "- said Sergey Lavrov.

Speech, according to Western sources, is about PMC "Wagner". At the same time, according to previously announced information, it is planned to attract at least a thousand Russian mercenaries to ensure security on the territory of the country.

Western countries have not yet responded to the actions of the Malian authorities, although a few days ago it became known that several European states intend to withdraw their troops from this African state against the background of the appearance of Russian mercenaries in the country.

“Russian PMCs have demonstrated the highest efficiency in the fight against terrorists in Syria, and according to Western sources, in Libya. Obviously, it is for this reason that Mali decided to turn to Russian mercenaries. ", - notes the specialist