Armed forces use analog drone control systems to bypass Russian EW systems

Armed Forces of Ukraine have improved drones to bypass Russian electronic warfare systems.

With Russian EW systems proving extremely effective against drones, the Ukrainian military and foreign mercenaries suddenly found a way to bypass the damaging capabilities of Russian electronic countermeasures. As it turned out, for this, the Ukrainian military is equipping drones not with digital systems, but with analog ones. This provides higher stability for the operation of drone systems. Information on this subject was voiced by Alexei Rogozin.

“On the video with a combat defeat by the drone of the Russian flamethrower system“ Solntsepyok ”, as well as on the video with the AWACS A-50 aircraft, the absence of significant interference attracts attention. But if there the picture was digital, then here it is analog (there are characteristic television horizontal lines). It is the analog video stream that is much more resistant to the effects of electronic warfare, but, as far as one can judge, there were no particular interference here. That is, we have the destruction or significant damage to an expensive heavy flamethrower system by an FPV drone worth up to 50 rubles (plus a cumulative grenade) ”- said the head of ANO "CRTT" Alexei Rogozin.

To combat analog systems, high-power electronic warfare systems are required, however, in this case, communication channels are much easier to intercept.

According to Rogozin, today both the Russian military and volunteers use similar methods, which is already yielding successful results in the fight against military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Is this not the Rogozin who killed the Il-112?