satellite communications of Ukraine


The Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass were left without satellite communications, GPS and RER means

The Ukrainian army, concentrated in the Donbass, unexpectedly came under a powerful blow from the Russian military.

The Russian military has dealt a powerful blow to the Ukrainian army in Donbass, using powerful means of electronic warfare and electronic suppression, including those that have a powerful direct effect on spacecraft. As a result of such a step on the part of Russia, the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have lost a number of advantages and now cannot use their satellite communications, radar stations, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic reconnaissance complexes, etc.

“The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) says it is seeing a surge in GPS jamming activity in the region. This influenced the possibility of monitoring the situation in Donbass within the framework of the existing agreement between Russia and Ukraine. Thus, all these steps raise concerns about an impending scenario of an escalation of tension between the two countries, ”the Sokha news publication said.

According to experts, by such actions Russia intends to force Kiev to return to the implementation of the Minsk agreements, however, judging by the earlier statement made, Russia is also ready to send its troops to Donbass to protect the LPNR, in particular, we are talking about the transfer of Russian military forces to the Ukrainian border. ships from the Caspian Flotilla.

“The Russian Navy is deploying 10 warships, including amphibious assault ships and small artillery ships, from the Caspian Sea Fleet to the Black Sea. This deployment appears to be part of a plan to organize a larger combat readiness exercise, but it is a remarkable step as it comes in the context of the fact that the Russian army continues to strengthen its forces at "alarming" levels approaching the border of Ukraine, " edition.

Why until August?

there will be no war until August

So along the Volga-Don canal

Didn't know what to get from the Caspian Sea to the shores of Ukraine

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