Chip MH370


The second chip is found on the island of Reunion has appeared homemade ladder

Found on the island of Reunion second "fragment of an unknown aircraft" did not meet expectations.

According to data from the information portal, the day before, it was reported that another piece had been nailed to the coast of the French island of Reunion, which could have been part of the Malaysian one Boeing 777However, after the official conclusion, it was found that the recovered fragment is part of a home stair and no relation to the aircraft does not have.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify that found last week an aircraft wing fragment is indeed part of the fuselage of the passenger MH370 flight, and now experts are working on clarifying the possible crash site airliner.

Among other things, good preservation of the detected flap suggests that the plane could start to fall apart in the air, which in turn makes possible new version of the mysterious disappearance of the aircraft.