Abandoned Russian military base


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Walk through the abandoned factories, of which there are a great many, -...

It is impossible to watch the mess without sinking in the soul ,, Who needed such a restructuring Chubais and all Yeltsin's associates, the sentence is one capital measure !!!

Abandoned Soviet military base of the Rasea

I would buy a decommissioned UAZ

This is not Kamchatka, there is not a single straight tree there due to permanent seismic activity, all curves.

Ancient army imbalance. It looks like a septic tank of a recycling depot. It lies from the times of the USSR and the withdrawal of troops from xs from where.

there is nothing of value here.

Yes, the country was rich in the USSR.

And why is it a Russian base?

For this is a base in Kamchatka and not in Ternopil :)

and that no one hand over all this stuff to scrap metal? We have that where are the green? You can sue the army to clean it all up or sell it so that all the others can clean it up!



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