Boryspil Airport Issues - analysis expert from Ukraine
Boryspil Airport Issues - analysis expert from Ukraine

Boryspil Airport Issues - analysis expert from Ukraine



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Analysis of the problems Borispol Airport the eyes of experts and analysts. What you need to change and what to leave in the main airports in Ukraine.

    To analyze the reasons for some stagnation in the affairs of the Boryspil airport, it is necessary to divide them into two classes - planning mistakes and management mistakes. To better understand the problems caused by poor planning, you need to delve into the past. It makes little sense to talk about the plans of the Ukrainian state in the early years of independence regarding the development of Boryspil — they were completely unsystematic. At that time, an alternative airport development plan, which was developed by specialists of the Austrian company ACV in 1994, pointed to the need to build a new passenger terminal in the 1996-1998 period and put it into operation in the 1998-2000 years. Later, this need was confirmed by the dynamics of passenger traffic growth through the Borispol airport. However, the authorities decided not to consider the proposal of a reputable Austrian company.

    The Ukrainian state really seriously thought about the development of Boryspil in 2010, before the 2012 European Championship. However, the time factor played a negative role - both planning and implementation of the plan left much to be desired. It turned out that with the then (and with the present too) infrastructure it is impossible to turn the Boryspil airport into a European transit airport, the so-called hub. The commissioning of Terminal “F”, like Terminal “D”, has not yet brought Boryspil airport closer to turning it into a full-fledged hub. Terminal “F” has a low throughput, while terminal “D”, despite its good throughput, has non-hub scheduling. The point is that terminal “D” is physically impossible to interlock with terminal “B”. As a result, it turns out that passenger service points are scattered over a very large area, the time for servicing transit passengers is several hours, which fundamentally undermines the very idea of ​​a hub airport. By the way, I wonder how many people remember that the plan for the reconstruction of Boryspil for Euro 2012 included not only the construction of two new terminals, “F” and “D”, but also the launch of a high-speed electric train between it and Kiev, as well as the construction of a new takeoff -the landing strip?


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However, if only this were the problems of the main air gates of the country! Many foreign passengers who are forced to use the services of the airport "Borispol" recall his services with indignation and indignation. It's not surprising - if from the first step they encounter low-quality services and unreasonably high prices, namely this is the "visiting card" of the airport "Borispol", it is clear that the desire to conduct business in Ukraine from foreign businessmen is reduced, or even completely disappears . What impression is created about Ukraine among foreign passengers, many of whom fly into it to solve business issues?

Here we come to the question of quality of management of the largest Ukrainian airport. Changing leadership "Boryspil", but the situation is not improving, but rather deteriorating.

    What does not change in Boryspil is monopoly. In Borispol, the markets of most services are monopolized, such as baggage handling, aircraft servicing on the apron. There is no choice of companies that offer on-board meals and meals to passengers at the airport. Ground service in terminals and apron, a complex of aviation and non-aviation services in passenger terminals, energy supply, aviation security, advertising, security of facilities are all carried out by companies that are “unique and irreplaceable” for the airport. Hence the low quality of services provided to passengers and airlines, and high prices.

The monopoly touched literally everything: air handling, ground handling, on-board catering, restaurants, shops, parking lots. With such a business organization, the Boryspil airport is not able to provide a decent service for passengers, unable to increase its production indicators. By the way, almost half of the flight delays at the Boryspil airport are due to the poor quality of aircraft ground handling. And this, in turn, is a direct consequence of the monopolization of almost all types of services provided by Boryspil. Monopolization, which is beneficial only to the "curators" of the airport. Industry experts state that under the new management of the airport, the level of monopolization of services tends to 100% - the right to provide them has been transferred exclusively to firms associated with “curators”.

    It is therefore not surprising that with "Boryspil" at "Juliani"Moves more airlines - Wizz Air, who are "YuTeyr","Transaero","Motor Sich», Georgian Airways, and others. Science and practice at the same time support - the best method of improving the quality of services and the establishment of reasonable prices than the creation of a competitive business environment does not exist. Unfortunately, in Ukraine do not understand.

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