intermeshing rotors
intermeshing rotors

intermeshing rotors


Here 70 years have passed since the fall of the Third Reich, and all over the world, until now, used the technical development of German designers. This also applies to an interesting device called or intermeshing rotors sinhrokopter.


In 30-ies of the last century, the famous German designer and inventor Anton FlettnerFirst helicopter designed and built an unusual two-rotor designs Flettner-Doppelrotor. The unusual was the fact that the two rotors arranged transversely to the longitudinal axis of the apparatus. It was the first, so-called cross-circuit twin-rotor helicopter. The unusual machine Flettner It was in the fact that its design rotors arranged adjacent to each other, rather than being spaced at both ends of the wings in the schemes later designs.

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In its design, the axes of rotation of the screws were located at an angle of 6 degrees to each other, the planes of rotation of the screws intersected. When the rotor was started, the blades seemed to collide and break themselves. But this was only an apparent impression. The fact is that in the design there was a rigidly fixed mechanical connection between the shafts of the blade drive. It was synchronized, which completely eliminated the possibility of collision of the blades. Two rotors gave a significant increase in thrust, and their proximity to the center of mass of the helicopter made it possible to do without a tail rotor. This scheme also provided good handling.

The military immediately interested in the unusual device. Kriegsmarine offered constructor to build some cars for the German Navy. The first machines (6 pieces) Fl 265 , were tested in 1939. The synchropter proved to be a very convenient deck-based vehicle. And already in 1941, the military ordered another batch of the modernized apparatus, which received the name Fl 282 «Hummingbird"(24 machines).  Fl 282It was used as a light, intelligence, helicopter deck for Kriegsmarine ships.

US development

After the war, the American designer Charles Kamanfounder «Kaman-Vertol»Similar scheme helicopter made its proprietary "chip".

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In 1947, the first American synchropter flew  K-125

Nowadays, the firm Kaman AircraftIt is the only producer of helicopters of this scheme. A small company working on the orders of the Ministry of Defense and private orders.

helicopters transverse scheme have been released:

*Kaman K -240 (1952 g)

*Kaman HH-53 Huskie (Manufactured 1959-1969 years.)

* Kaman K-Max It comes with 1991 of

K-Max, in our time, began to acquire new specialties. 

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Originally it was a purely civilian project, but as usual, the military quickly adapted it to their needs. So the air valve (about 2700 kg on external sling) was adapted for unmanned resupply in remote areas. Earlier this machine in the manned version, engaged in tree-forests of the mountainous areas of different countries.

Robot supplier

In 2011, the unmanned version of the vehicle entered the service of the Marine Corps, which is fighting in Afghanistan. Delivery of goods necessary for the military is carried out at a speed of up to 185 km / h, at a distance of up to 500 km. On an external sling, the synchropter could carry 2700 kg.

Of course, the helicopter was easy prey for the Taliban air defense assets, but because it is cheap to produce, and there is no pilot, the losses can be tolerated.

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Robot doctor

But the helicopter is able to not only be a courier and procurement officer. In 2011, the Office of Naval Research has decided on the basis of K-Max develop a medical robot transporter wounded ACCS. The robot must not only ensure the delivery of a wounded soldier to the hospital, but also within 6 hours watching and soldier life support. To maintain blood levels, blood pressure, body temperature, stabbing the necessary preparations and to perform all necessary actions. And all this must occur during the flight to the place of location of the hospital. Just robot systems produce full monitoring of human activities and transmit them to the base. This makes it possible to prepare everything necessary for the reception of the wounded.

The robot firefighter

Suddenly, the drone intermeshing rotors got another specialty.

For the US Fire Service, 2015 years, perhaps, it was the most difficult. 3,8 million. Hectares of territories by October it was destroyed by fire across America. On fire rescue can come drone K-Max.

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He will be able to clock to extinguish fires. And to do this helicopter will be fully automatic, unattended operation. A large number of different sensors will allow him to control the situation on the ground. Based on their data, ODCC (on-board computer system) will be able to find himself emerging pockets of fire, and work on their anticipation and localization.

Soon, drone be made available to the US Fire Service. And instead of ammunition or injured soldiers, he will carry water to extinguish fires in difficult, hard to reach places.

Perhaps, over time, have drone K-Max will be other profession.


K-Max Kaman K-1200 video


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Something they often fall. Judging by the wiki, almost a third of them crashed with the death of the pilots


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