Stewardess in tattoos myth or reality?

How can you imagine how many times, where and with which needle these tattoos were stuffed, not just an erection, testicles tightened up and hid

Devacha m. and cool ... It was ... Before i painted myself. And in bed, normal people not only look at individual "places", but also admire the body as a whole. But his these "art" just disfigured

That lived 40 years. And I thought so too. Tattoo - evil, dirt, and more. I met a woman with tattoos. Psychiatrist from the hospital (here you are about the psyche, and about AIDS, and about the dirt)))), by the way. In the clothes and can not see anything. Now she is my wife. And now I also have a tattoo



Best in the world of aviation

Owl Harry Potter was shot at an airport in New York.
09.12.2013. "Specialists in the wild" was tasked to destroy a rare breed of owls near the airport of New York (JFK).
The aircraft airline forgot the sleeping passenger ExpressJet.
December 9 2013. Representatives of the airline can not understand the reason why the passenger who was sleeping, was not seen.