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The US Air Force tried to approach the Crimean bridge, but quickly turned around

The US Air Force staged another provocation near Crimea.

A few hours ago, the American strategic unmanned aerial vehicle RQ-4 Global Hawk and the Boeing RC-135 electronic intelligence aircraft carried out a provocation near the Crimean bridge. As follows from the data of the Plane Radar service, two American aircraft approached the borders of the airspace of Russia, heading straight for the Crimean bridge, and turning almost at the very borders of the Russian Federation.

What exactly is the reason for the appearance of two military reconnaissance aircraft at the borders of the Russian Federation at the moment is still unknown, however, experts pay attention to the fact that the number of cases with the appearance of foreign military aircraft at the Russian borders has increased dramatically, and, often, It is about creating frankly provocative situations.

It should be clarified that in addition to the above two aircraft, another US Air Force military reconnaissance aircraft, a Boeing RC-135, was also located near the Crimean borders, which was seen in the western part of the Crimean Peninsula, which may indicate an attempt to conduct a full-scale reconnaissance at southern borders of the country.

;););) Crimea is actually the territory of Ukraine.
This is the Budapest Memorandum in action, as well as the agreement between Russia and Ukraine "on the state border" signed in 2004.

Remind me, whose surname is then on it from the NAME OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, and is it possible for the President of the Russian Federation to wipe the agreement on which her NAME is ?!

First use the electronic warfare means, and after the navigation of the aircraft fails, give them false target designation for violating the Russian border. And then calm down. Then there’s no need to apologize, to say that some kind of mistake has occurred. Clearly fix and say: violated the border - a fact! Therefore, they were shot down! Something like this!

It seems that they talked about jamming systems, REBs, etc., somehow the Yankees were worried about failures in satellite binding ... If that R, AR, FR, etc. fell into the sea ... Cho, can’t you forget about the Bermagon alone?

The most true of all the comments.

People, our officials have families, children, money, real estate abroad. Where money, seed is there and homeland.

Theoretically, their frequencies can change regularly, and not so that "today is one, tomorrow is different," but once every few seconds, and also in a random order. but only system builders and the military can say for sure. this will create difficulties in analysis.

Well, and what, the Americans are cynically mistaken, why should we make a mistake several times.

drone it is desirable to tangle

It is necessary to slap a couple of "litaks", and then apologize, they say accidentally, mixed up, sorry!

Here I look some great military strategists gathered, sort of sofa warriors)))

annoying it all. at one time, the number of troops increased along the borders, the aviation intensified, and pilots were mistaken, etc., and then came JUNE 22 ....

I think their provocation or verification failed.

Next time, before leaving the border, it is necessary to use electronic warfare equipment, and as soon as it crosses the border ...
And if the drone, then try to intercept control and land on their aircraft carrier ... unsuccessfully.

Or can they launch cheap drones at a meeting? Lost control, collided?

Russia has the full right, within the framework of ensuring the security of the strategic object, the Crimean bridge, to expand the security (access) zone. And destroy any object. This will quickly beat off the hunt for provocations.

Better yet, like Chkalov, under the bridge.

Are flying

They sat under Humpback, who was ruining the Union and the army.
Today our "partners" are well aware that the situation is somewhat different and such a provocation is likely to repeat the "feat" of the "heroes" of the Independent, and possibly also "fatal" for the participants. Therefore, things will not go further than reconnaissance flights to study the object's protection system.

But you never know what happened, but it was under Gorbachev, who kissed the back of both Europe and the USA ..... Let them try now ....

But they were already sitting on Red Square. we will wait until they sit on the Crimean bridge

And who will drop it?

How can you bring down partners because they have not flown over the Kremlin !!!

Drop accidentally into the sea and stop impudent, otherwise they will fly

We are always there!

I suggest flying near the Statue of Liberty or the Brooklyn Bridge.

Why not shot down? Ammo run out ???

Ha ha. it’s necessary to fool Ukrainians like fools and knock down one of them and everything will be fine, the main thing is not to admit anything!

the cook showed in 2014 whose gut is thin

Oh Mitya! No one will cross the border, it is imitation that is not punishable!

Gut. If only those who had the button in their hands would decide about it in the same way.

If someone needs to destroy something, then you don’t need to fly up to this, today's missiles can be destroyed without flying to the target for 300 or more kilometers, so the approach of the US Air Force to the bridge does not mean anything if it's not intelligence!

Accurately, knock down and apologize, even state that the perpetrators were punished (promotion)

This is a provocation on the use of electronic warfare for further frequency analysis. Therefore, electronic warfare is undesirable to use, only in combat conditions!

No need to shoot down over neutral waters. No one has the right to do this. But we must DO NOT RANGE from the border, but rather - give them the opportunity to get very close to the border - and then BROKE. In fact, the plane will be shot down ATTEMPT TO CROSS THE BORDER. But all subsequent American aircraft will already initially be suspected of striving to violate the border, and therefore to shoot them down mercilessly!

Why don't we get closer to the American bridge?

Masha, what was the provocation before the war? Are you talking about a joint parade and taking Poland?

In those days when the borders of reconnaissance of reconnaissance equipment to a foreign border were defined, there was no technology that could reconnoit the depths of another state, as it is now. Then the sovereignty of the state was respected. Now the technology has developed. If earlier they could “see” through a window up to 20 km, now it is up to 200 km. A restriction on the approximation of the border remained at the same distances. Is that right? What right does NATO have a look into the depths of Russia for 200 km? It is necessary to change the parameters. If the United States or NATO, which is the same thing, do not agree, they should warn that any reconnaissance equipment that approaches the borders will be shot down. And bring down. And we, too, must abide by these rules.

Why on earth? Let the border be crossed first, then we’ll bang ...

Russia has a small intestine to bring down amers.

This is the truth. The elite has money and children over the hill - what decisiveness to repulse the Pindos can be discussed ..

You can’t shoot down. They did not cross the border, unlike Ukrainian boats.



Why not bring them down? As the Nazis experienced their provocation before the war.


Shoot down, and then say "The error came out"

Fill a couple of sides. Then apologize. Next time, the brain will begin to turn on.

the drone is still spinning in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions

who will give the order to bring down ??? all the loot and the kids over the hill at the power of those holding!

The Second World War also began endlessly with provocations. And what, history doesn’t teach anything? It is necessary to answer sharply so that these freaks have no illusions.

It’s time to make a mistake, like Iran or Ukraine, regarding an Israeli plane and bring down an Americanos with a subsequent apology.



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