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Expert: C-500 "Prometheus" puts an end to the US Space Forces

The Russian "Prometheus" will become a plague for the US Space Forces.

While the United States is engaged in the issue of militarization of near-Earth space, weapons have already appeared in Russia's arsenal, capable of placing a fat cross on the US Space Forces. It is about the promising Russian S-500 air defense missile system "Prometheus", capable not only of intercepting ballistic missiles, but also of destroying space satellites.

According to military analysts and experts, the signing by Donald Trump of the decree on the creation of the Space Forces indicates that the United States is preparing to militarize outer space. Officially Washington does not comment on these statements, but it became known earlier that space satellites of military purpose may appear on the orbit of the planet, and, quite probably, laser weapons capable of quickly striking virtually any target on the surface of the planet. Experts believe that this will give the US a lot of advantages, but the appearance in 2020 of Russia's "Prometheus" complexes will cross out any plans of the Pentagon.

"According to official data, the Russian complex C-500" Prometheus ", which is currently being tested by Russian military forces, is capable not only of intercepting ballistic missiles, but also destroying targets at an altitude of up to 200 kilometers, although in reality, the appearance of longer-range missiles is only a matter time, in connection with which, the US military satellites may well be in the sight of Russian missiles ", - the expert emphasized.

Given the capabilities of Russian weapons, it is logical to assume that the interest shown to the S-500 SAM system "Prometheus" can dramatically increase.

But even with a laser, you can fart for only two meters.

As far as I can remember, only 20% is allowed to voice the weapons about which we hear through the media, and the rest of the state secrets .... and if we are told about C-500, then it's where it's standing or flying C-600, it turns out that they are already developing and C -700 !!!!

Eka takes it. How much pathos! I was going to build bases on the Moon and Mars, and he himself flies to space on Russian engines. Great America ... Said, too: "We are Americans and the future belongs entirely to us." Reminded that guy from Hitler-Jugend singing in the movie "Cabaret" Bob Foss: "Tomorrow belongs to me". New Hitler, huletam!

Yes, well ... Really 50 km / sec and rashly change the trajectory? And do not fall apart ... That's a super-secret weapon ... And otkedova such information?

American, top-secret, invisible to radar, aerospace aircraft of the TR-3B type and its modifications have acceleration at the start of 3 km / sec2, at an altitude of 10 km, the speed is more than 10 km / sec. Can fly in space at an altitude of 5000 km from the surface of the Earth at a speed of 50 km / sec, dramatically changing the trajectory. What our military will be able to detect and shoot down such a device? C-500 will be able to detect and bring down such a device?

Laser weapons operate at a different speed. With 500 it's still coming! So underestimate the enemy is not worth it.

Dmitry, "bubble" in retirement is not due to the collapse of the Union and 90-x and, accordingly, a sharp drop in the birth rate (which is reflected today on the ratio of workers to retirees). And if today we do not think about protecting our home, then tomorrow it will be taken by others, and the day after tomorrow will no longer become not only working, but also pensioners. I really want to believe that your comment you left behind by puzzling, and not because you this is paid by those who want to destroy our common home. Yours faithfully

There is no money for retirement, but there are war veterans. Better we'll sit in the ram by the very ears, but we have supercorets. Most Russians have never seen life on the "rotten" west, but everyone says that we have a better life. Forward, but meanwhile, we are poor before our eyes. What was 10 years ago, and what now

Well, in the first C-500 has not yet entered service, and secondly, this complex can only be knocked down by satellites in low and medium orbits, and if higher, then the Pentagon will be twisted to us, and we will not do this with nichrome.