Buying Russian aircraft


India intends to abandon the French fighters in favor of Russian

India refuses the French fighters in favor of Russian military aircraft.

It has now become known that the price was the decisive factor in the choice of fighters, and in view of the fact that the French fighters have risen sharply in price, India intends to terminate the previously signed contract and purchase Russian aircraft. Among other things, France also refused to transfer technology of repair and maintenance of its aircraft to India, which also caused discontent on the part of India.

It is assumed that the contract for the supply of Russian Su-30MKI fighters to India may be concluded as early as March of this year, after which the military aircraft themselves will be delivered, which are an effective substitute for French at a lower cost and high performance.

The contract concluded with Russia can become the largest in the history of military cooperation.

It's very simple!
This is the result of Putin's treaty with Oland. We do not ask for a penalty on the Mistrals. They give us a contract with India, raising the price of a fighter.