Iranian Navy


Iran released the Russians from the seized oil tanker

Iran released Russian citizens from the seized oil tanker Stena Impero.

A few hours earlier it became known that a group of warships of the Iranian Navy seized the British oil tanker Stena Impero, which was caused not only by the violation of the territorial waters of Iran, but also by the violation of international rules for passing through the Strait of Hormuz. As it turned out, citizens of the Russian Federation were on board the tanker, who were immediately released after the arrival of the ship at one of the ports.

In total, on board the oil tanker Stena Impero were 23 crew members, among which, according to preliminary data, at least two Russian citizens. The crew members, with the exception of the captain, have no Iranian military claims, however. according to Iranian media, the oil tanker will be delayed indefinitely.

It should be clarified that initially it became known about the seizure of two oil tankers at once, however. Later, the Iranian authorities completely denied involvement in the seizure of the tanker Mesdar, noting that the ship had received a hole and therefore headed for Iran.

An emergency meeting was announced on the fact of the detention of the British oil tanker Stena Impero in London, but no details were given on this matter.

Well done! They know how to protect the country!

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Silanty, answer, you are for whom: for right or wrong?
England seized the Iranian tanker with oil, brazenly. Iran responded. This behavior is an example of the Russian authorities.

Iran is our neighbor, maybe it’s time to start making friends with him, especially since this is a Muslim state, and we have many Muslims. Unfortunately, our pseudo elite has sent a lot of money to Western countries, to their personal accounts and acts according to the proverb: "What the master barin deigns. "

Where is my answer to citizen papamiha? You did not print it! The said citizen, most likely, lives in Israel, which is why he “puts out” for Israel and the USA (and before America he falls down on the whole). And for me, and for that there are all the facts, Russia is the strongest in the world at the moment .

How can this break the passage rules of the Strait of Hormuz? There is such tightness that no one would dare to go beyond the Zone of separation of movement. Who and why wants to violate the MPPSS? I want the details of the incident ...
Although local Arab fishermen put their nets anywhere, and then yell on the sixteenth: "... right side, capitan! Right side !!! ..."

it is always necessary for everyone to act this way, but to negotiate after ..., and Lavrov does nothing