Fighter F-35


The F-35 fighter hit the top of the worst American airplanes

The American publication called the F-35 fighter one of the worst in history.

Analyzing one of the worst military aircraft ever produced by American aircraft manufacturers and in service with the US Air Force, the military specialist of the American edition of The National Interest concluded that the modern fifth-generation fighter F-35, which was recently praised by US President Donald Trump, may in the near future to replenish the top five worst American aircraft.

The worst, according to the author, is the fighter F2A "Buffalo", which simply could not compare in combat with enemy aircraft, although it was an advanced development, it is fully capable of winning superiority in the air.

Followed by the fighter F2U "Cutlass", which proved to be poorly controlled and practically could not maneuver in battle.

In third place was another deck fighter - F3H "Demon", to the disadvantages of which can be attributed to a weak engine and occasionally not triggered catapult.

At the very beginning of the Cold War, the interceptor of the Soviet Tu-95, the F-102 fighter Delta Dagger, was created in the United States, but because of the impossibility of flying at high altitudes, it completely failed the developers' hopes.

Closed the TOP of the worst American aircraft, F-104 fighter "Starfighter", which because of numerous defects suffered a large number of disasters.

According to the author's conclusion, if F-35 is unable to prove itself in the near future, the F-XNUMX can easily enter the top five of the worst American aircraft, although at the moment it may well be included in the "top ten" of the most failed ones.

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