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Russian Iskander covers the whole of Europe

US withdrawal from DRDMD will be the worst news for Europe.

Against the background of the fact that Washington is actively discussing the withdrawal of the United States of America from the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Small-Range Missiles, the analyst decided to demonstrate the problems that will open up to virtually all NATO member countries. We are talking only about the Iskander complexes, the possibilities of which are enough to strike throughout Europe and most of the allies of NATO and the United States.

“As soon as the USA comes out of the INF range, all this will generate a chain reaction. Russia will fundamentally re-equip itself, and in this case, it will easily be able to launch rocket attacks on 95% of the territory of Europe. The capabilities of the Russian Iskander complexes, when they are armed with nuclear warheads, are enough to strike at distances up to 2,5 thousand kilometers. Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Saudi Arabia - this list includes several dozen states that, due to Trump’s actions, will become potential targets. ”, - the expert has declared.

According to the expert, Europe will seek to dissuade Washington from the exit of their INF Treaty, knowing full well that this will create a lot of problems, while even existing US military bases in Europe can be destroyed in just a few minutes.

“Placing the same Iskander in the Crimea and in the Kaliningrad region, allows to“ cover ”the whole of Europe, and if Russia agrees with Cuba and Nicaragua, then Russian missiles will appear at the US borders”, - the expert marks.

It is interesting for whom Russians are going to shoot in Europe? Probably in the villas and palaces of "Putin's friends", or in their relatives who live there! So America can safely withdraw from the treaty, Russian oligarchs will rather sell their homeland than lose their blessings! And where to run if what?


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