Russian Knights


"Russian Knights" showed the most complicated aerobatics. Video

The Russian Knights group showed a new aerobatics.

The Zvezda TV channel published aerobatics performed by pilots of the Russian Knights VKS group on Su-30 fighters. The development of the figures took place at the Kubinka airbase, near Moscow.

At the first stage, the four pilots performed a group “pilotage” with a turn. This maneuver, like the two following ones, was already familiar to the audience. The next figure was the synchronous "barrel". Then the four fighters performed the "loop of Nesterov."

And then the pilots demonstrated a completely new figure - dissolution after climbing. The peculiarity of this maneuver was that, unlike previous demonstrations, when the Quartet came to the audience and then the planes flew in different directions, this time the fighters went straight up. Almost at a thousand-meter height, they diverged, with the trajectory of their flight described the "big flower".

As the group commander, Colonel Andrei Alekseev, specified, there are many young pilots in the Russian Knights group. The age of graduates of aviation schools who sit in the second booth during training flights is a little over twenty years.

Alekseev believes that the main task is "that our business should continue." The arrival of a group of young pilots, as the colonel is sure, is of great importance.

The Russian Knights group was formed in April 1991. She is unique. The fact is that the group is the only one in the world performing aerobatics on heavy fighters. In this case, all machines - serial samples.

Ahead of the pilots performances at air shows. It can be expected that new maneuvers will be demonstrated by them and on them.