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Ukrainian "mosquito fleet" called the perfect targets for Russian missiles

Ukrainian Vice Admiral recognizes that the country's "mosquito fleet" is useless

From the statement of the ex-commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Vice Admiral Sergei Haiduk, made during an interview with Ukrainian journalists, it follows that, given the potential of the Russian Navy, we can talk about the only correct conclusion about the "mosquito fleet" of Ukraine - there is no use for it.

According to the vice-admiral, this "mosquito fleet" is represented by river guns. It is called the shock Ukrainian potential, but its effect is zero. For example, he is not able to counteract air strikes.

Haiduk appeals to the Ukrainian authorities with a proposal to "be realistic". He recalls that in the 2014 year, the Ukrainian Navy did not have anti-ship missiles, and as for Russia, it had outdated carriers of such weapons.

Four years have passed, Haiduk adds to what has been said, and the Russian Black Sea fleet has been replenished with surface ships, submarines, and naval aviation. They are able to carry cruise missiles, and the Ukrainian "mosquito fleet" will be for them only ideal targets.

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