Chkalovsky Airport
Chkalovsky Airport

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Chkalovsky airfield is located 30 kilometers from Moscow and is a former military airfield. Today, the Chkalovsky airfield has the status of a joint air transport hub, however, for technical reasons, civil aircraft do not take off from it.

It is planned that since 2015, the airport and will begin renovating the fourth Capital International Airport, but the main problem at the moment is access to transportation, and therefore, began cutting 40 hectares and supply of transportation.

The timing of the operation of the airport at the moment were not disclosed - presumably this should happen to 2018-2019 year.

Brief history and incidents at the airport "Chkalovsky"

Like most of the airports in our country, Chkalovsky also began its existence as a military. The Aviation Regiment was originally based here. This 20 th regiment owned the following types of aircraft: L-39, IL-76MDK, Tu-134 and Tu-154. Practically all of the aviation regimental equipment in 2010 was transferred to the Y. Gagarin Aviation Administration. 

It is worth noting that other military aviation units were also based at the airfield, which were finally disbanded by 2010. 

As for civil aviation, its service on the airport began only with 1998 year. For landing and maintenance of passenger airliners it was necessary to have an appropriate permit. To date, the situation for passenger aircraft has improved slightly due to the modernization of the runway and the terminal. It should be noted that the formation of a multipurpose helicopter unit began using 2015, which uses Ka-226T type helicopters. 

During the entire existence of the airport, several accidents were recorded. The first occurred 20.04.1988 of the year during a training flight on an An-26РТ type aircraft. Were tested the possibility of takeoff and subsequent landing at night without the use of headlights and lighting devices. After working out the technique, a decision was made about another unplanned takeoff. During the run-up, an inexperienced pilot gave maximum gas, which led to the automatic shutdown of one of the engines. The fact that the engine is not working, the crew realized after the separation. At the height of 70 flight meters, attempts were made to start the engine. Due to inexperience, the launch was carried out at a very low altitude and low flight speed. As a result, the car in 12 kilometers from the runway touched the roof of one of the two-story houses and collapsed into the lake. As a result, all 6 crew members who were on board died. 

Another incident was recorded on the 14.06.2001 of the year with an Il-76TD aircraft. This cargo plane belonging to the airline "Rus", carried out a flight to the city of Norilsk from the airport "Chkalovsky". The flight began immediately with a violation of the recommended operating instructions. The separation from the runway was made at a significantly higher speed than recommended. In order to quench the speed, the captain decided to deviate from the course and make a turn at an altitude of 10 meters. After that, the position of the stabilizers was disturbed, which led to a decrease and fall of the apparatus in the forest. After a fall, it collapsed, 70 tons of fuel ignited. As a result of the fall, all 8 crew members and the 2 passenger were killed. The investigation revealed many irregularities, ranging from overloading to 14 tons and ending with the alignment of cargo and aircraft systems. 

The last accident was in April 2011 with a Tu-154 aircraft. This is a fairly well-known incident. Initially, military pilots needed to ferry an aircraft that had been in storage for more than ten years. They were supposed to fly to Samara to the Aviakor repair plant. Immediately after the separation, a complete failure of the control system was revealed, because of this, the car heeled very strongly first on one wing, then on the second. Nevertheless, the experience and professionalism of the pilots made it possible to safely land the car from the second approach with the help of working ailerons and changing the thrust on the engines. Investigation revealed that the failure of the control was caused by the error of an engineer who made an incorrect connection of electrical systems. The Commander-in-Chief of the RF Air Force A. Zelin promised to reward the pilots for heroism. 


Basic data:

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 55.88, longitude 38.06).

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 6 / + 6.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Location: 31 kilometers northeast of Moscow.

  • Number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: CKL.

  • ICAO airport code: UUMU.


Chkalovsky Airport on the map:


Contact details:

  • The telephone number of the duty unit - 8 (495) 993-59-43 

  • The mailing address of the airport: Shchelkovo-10, Moscow Region, Russia, 141100.


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Galina Mashtakova
They flew to the east.
There, where the blood, where the pain is, where tears.
They performed their duty.
In a sad day they are roses.

We flew on a mission of good,
To help sufferers like.
A little remained until morning.
What a pity! Eh! Do not flown ...

The car pulled away to take off.
And the height of the dial is committed.
But the plane crashed into the sea.
He fell like a wounded bird.

Reliable, well-coordinated crew:
For them, the usual work.
Fly in flight by a hundred times!
And would have thought someone ?!

Although, maybe ... who knows ...
With disturbing seeing heart,
Crosses on track mother
Native son hugging.

And maybe this time,
Reading at night the children fairy tales,
Father finished his story,
He looked them in the eyes intently.

But time will not return back.
It broadcasts daily television.
How hard is it to take all ...
Khalilov was killed, Dr. Lisa ...

And nine of the TV guys,
And almost all the Red Banner.
Now they look down from heaven.
Now they know by name.

Body Keeps the seabed.
Yesterday saw them alive!
But they evidently destined -
Stay forever young!

We stepped into the sky.
We fell into eternity.
Ninety-two lives
Gone to infinity

Duty performed.
Served Fatherland.
Hearts filled
Joy of life.

Earthly happiness
We gave people.
Thank you, family,
We will not forget you.

You doves of peace
Great Russia.
We have directed wings
By the suffering of Syria.

The car took off.
He collapsed into the sea.
What a loss!
What grief!

Gone instantly.
Understand did not have time:
Take off into the sky -
And we got into eternity.

They flew away,
And we stayed.
Actually -
At the time we left.

Earth time -
It is different.
cover eternity
And it's grief.
Who knows when
We will call the road.
Pass the year ...
All are alive with God

This is my sister's poems on the tragedy at sea. We hope they will support you. We grieve ...

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Good afternoon!
I ask you to explain the procedure for approval of construction projects falling within the aerodrome site of your company? There is an approved application form and the list of attached documents. Also, please inform the contact details of persons responsible for coordinating the placement of capital construction in the aerodrome site.

From the airport Chkalovsky Mamontovka over neighborhoods and nearby settlements aerial vehicles began to fly at low altitude with unacceptable noise. Especially since 4 7 hours until morning. It borders on bullying and a gross violation of the law of silence. Please bring and to comply with the order. We will have to apply to the court sudebnyenye.

Dear Olga!
Thank you for your interest in the Chkalovsky airport. We have carefully reviewed your appeal, it is very important to us. We have to admit that in recent years, in the framework of enhancing the combat readiness of the Russian Air Force, the cases of flight of aircraft over Mamontovka neighborhoods and nearby settlements.
In order to maintain the nervous system of people, starting this month, the pilots during the flight is prescribed neighborhood off engines and forbidden to use sound signals. If you still encounter cases of violation of the command instructions, please immediately notify us to adopt educational measures against violators.

Air Chief Marshal

IN AND. Pupkin

Yesterday I was fined for years without 5 13-th, for what farted loudly near Mamontovka at PMA ...

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