Airline Icarus
Airline Icarus

Airline Icarus. Official site. 


Airline "Icarus" - Russian airline based in 2013 year and gaining intense pace of its development, offering passengers on air travel more than 45 route directions.


Airline "Icarus" provides air charter tour operator "Pegas Touristik" in Barcelona, ​​Krabi, Bangkok, Burgas, Palma de Mallorca, Larnaca, Monastir, Tenerife South, Ho Chi Minh City, Phuket, Fukuoka, Cam Ranh.

Planes taking off from Barnaul, Blagoveshchensk, Astrakhan, Moscow, Belgorod, Arkhangelsk, Magadan, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Bratsk, Volgograd, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Kazan, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Tomsk, Khabarovsk, Simferopol, Rostov-on -Don, Perm, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Surgut, Syktyvkar, Novokuznetsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, St. Petersburg.

Since April 2015, Ikar has started regular flights from 10 cities of the Russian Federation to Simferopol. In October, a program of regular flights from 6 cities was published in the winter to Simferopol and Sochi.    


Air fleet of airline "Icarus" does not differ a great number of aircraft, and has in its arsenal, at the beginning of March 2014 years 8 only aircraft:

  • 4 aircraft type Boeing 757-200;

  • 4 aircraft type Boeing 767-300.


The route network of the airline, "Icarus" applies to cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, Arkhangelsk, Samara, etc. Nevertheless, the management of the air carrier in the near future plans to expand the fleet and at the same time increase the number of destinations that will probably lead to greater popularity of the Russian air carrier.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • Engaged in charter flights to resort destinations from Siberian cities.

  • Year of occurrence: 2013;

  • ICAO code: KAR;

  • Address: 115035, Moscow, st. Sadovnicheskaya, d.14, p.2, office 303, 304, 304.


Ikar Airlines official website: The company has no official site

Buy tickets or see the flight schedule of the airline, please visit intermediaries or directly through the booking office.

Icarus airline photo

Contact details:

Base airport airport Krasnoyarsk Emelyanovo.

The airline's fleet are aircraft Boeing 757-200, Boeing 767-300.

Address: 115035, Ul. Sadovnicheskaya d.14, str.2, office 303, 304, 304a.


  •   8(800)700-87-47 (Общий)

  • +7(495)287-87-87 (Москва)

  • +7(812)640-90-40 (Санкт-Петербург)

  • +7(343)351-77-77 (Екатеринбург)

  • +7(391)200-80-02 (Красноярск)

  • +7(495)730-25-93 (Факс)

  • +7(495)234-26-01 (Поиск багажа)

  • +7(495)234-26-04 (Поиск багажа)



Photos of the plane Icarus

Icarus airline plane


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Currently, the average age of the aircraft at a / 16,5 years.

Logically, one can be a year-old plane, and the second year .... 32 16,5 years on average)))

02.07.2014 we flew Boeing 767-300er in Antalya Airlines Icarus. In general, everything is fine. The only negative - the distance between the seats (too small). This year, too, we will give preference to the airline.

We fly with her husband frequently. But the flight has left such a lasting impression that I even decided to write a review.
We flew on a Boeing 767 from Samara to Phuket 12.04.2015g. The flight was more or less normal. Cheerful commander, staff smiling, pleasant to talk to.
The food was disgusting, fish - strange taste, rancid smelling fish mush. Ketchup was overdue 6mes !!! Apologies for the inconvenience.
Return flight 23.04.2015g. flew back to Phuket-Samara. It can be worse, but there is no place.
The plane is not cleaned after the previous flight - under my seat fork lay, and in the pocket for magazines - dirty napkins. Toilet, sorry, stinking badly.
It was stated that personnel from flying more 1 trainee and instructor, but ... staff - everything !!! the first time travel. That does not ask - do not know, we will update - say, and .... (you wait, wait ...). Constantly fought truck on the passenger seat.
Delayed flights on 1 hours. Minutes 40 kept in the aircraft, passengers are not even offered water. On the plane during the flight it was cold, and 300chel. all 100 rugs. Understandably, people were getting things that anyone has. We were not lucky.
We place 28G and 28H, after being brought hot tea waiting 20 minutes !!! Of course, it immediately drank. Asked immediately (while the truck is not slid) pour more developed Sorry, we ran out of tea. Wait, there's a second trolley rides. And there, of course, and the tray for dispensing tea there, and tea was over, etc.
The turn to the toilet is a stewardess - "take your seats, do not crowd, come back later."
They smiled only among themselves. The girl with big lips, Albina, was especially distinguished - she walked around the cabin with such an air, as if we (the passengers) each owed her money personally, and we still ask her questions and want something all the time. To the question of what was hot, I got the answer - literally - "potatoes or rice? But all the same, you only have meat left." She gave in silence and drove off. I asked for a second glass of juice - a look like a bomb - poured it, but it's scary to drink after that. The food is C grade, although the juices are quite decent.
Children no prezentikov. I'm with my son flew Aeroflot, Ural and some airlines - we always gave backpack with stuff for malyshni. It is a trifle, but it's nice, but here such a long flight and nothing ...
Of course this is not everything, but in my opinion are enough.
People! Do you want for your money to get a decent 9 hour flight and unspoiled impression of the entire stay - never fly AIRLINE ICAR !!!
I'd love to get an apology from the management for the inconvenience, and often wish to make suggestions for staff to better work with people.
[email protected]

You're so strange to fly the plane and not come to the restaurant !! You pay for the flight, and the food that's another matter, a cup of tea is enough, want more !! So so long sometimes spread the food, of course, if everyone would choose and find fault in restorane.Ekipazh responsible for your safety, but do not you ate there !!! supplies if you !!

Yes ma'am, you and the toilet 10chasov sludge there and go and be like an elephant davolno

Well you compare regular flights and charter! If you want decent service - fly regular reysami.Nekotorye tour operators are buying blocks of seats on scheduled reysah.Togda there will have to lay blankets on each chair, and about the gifts to children not zabudut.Obsluzhivanie charters usually leaves much to be desired.

We flew Vladivostok - Cam Ranh - Phuket 21 February without delay, transfers and cancellations. The food was good, the service excellent. The only negative - the distance between the seats. March 3 flew back, and again everything is fine! Landings had not even noticed! Thank you, Icarus!

Purchased tickets .a check in where you can Airline "Icarus" ??? You can ssylku.spasibo

Good afternoon ! Question whether you have early on-line booking of seats on the plane / usually per night / We fly to Irkutsk and Pattaya KAR 2401 (B 767-300) thanks for the reply

Representatives of the airlines is not the case, since it is not their website, and their website they have. But I can answer your question: On the charter flights can be no reservation, since you have not signed a contract with the airline to airline transportation perevozki.Dogovor concluded your tour operator. Accordingly, he sometimes manages.

We flew on a charter flight from Novosibirsk to Cam Ranh, were satisfied. Crew friendly, fed during the flight twice, several times offered drinks as bitter and holodnye.Vsya the food is delicious. Takeoff and landing soft, thank you very much to the captain! Before the flight on the Internet have been reading a lot of negative reviews, we thought kapets! Airline liked, no minuses. I wish success to the company ICAR and passengers recommend!

Hello! Today 15.11.2014 arrived in Krasnoyarsk flight from Bangkok KAR 2412, in an airplane forgotten very precious thing for us - removable drive - drive size 10 / 15 see, it stored all of our photos from last 10 years probably! Please help find our seats and 21A 21V disc could sunset behind the front or rear seats from us! He's black, he could not immediately notice! Please, help!!!!! Our phones 89059761147 and 89059763538

Flew for the first time of your airline, 23.10 flight Hurghada Nizhnekamsk. Only the positive emotions: a comfortable lounge, friendly stewards who did not sit very quietly, constantly something soft drinks, the juice, the hot, the drinks again, the food is delicious, the pilot told us interesting details about the city, so to speak historic moment. Good company! Good luck and further development!

We flew your airline 12 October 2014 year in Sharm El Sheikh. Everything was very nice to us. Encourage please this crew I 1-2 times a year fly by charter and I have something to compare. I really liked it. GREAT THANKS. There will be an opportunity again to fly. I estimate the work of stewardesses and stewards and in general the crew for five. Encourage them please.

For the first time I decided to use the services of the "Ikar" airline. The staff liked it. The flight attendants found a common language with each passenger. During the flight, the pilot told over which cities we were flying. Drinks and lunches were offered on board. Blankets and the press (magazines and newspapers) were given out as needed. In general, I liked the service. I will continue to use the Ikar airline.

Airline Icarus spoiled us spoiled our impressions of the whole vacation! There we flew well, and back terribly. We had to fly from Antalya 7 October 2014 year direct flight Antalya-Surgut flight number 1844. On the way to Antalya airport it was found out that our flight was combined with the flight to Ufa by the same airline, we were not told the details.
Passengers Surgut thought that just sit in Ufa, Ufimtsev blown and we will fly farther. None of the crew, we neither take off nor during the flight did not tell how it will happen. The captain did not introduce.
Passengers from Surgut to themselves began to ask flight attendants.
And it turned out that we all need to leave the plane, collect your luggage, pass through customs and passport control, create a new flight to Surgut, their baggage, go through inspection again.
It turns out we're going to transfer! No, we are not informed about it. Only at the end of the flight attendant gromkovoryaschey communication bothered to explain to passengers what to do at the airport upon arrival in Ufa.
Other airlines such rerouting and bullying people does not allow. Yes, we have had cases of return from holiday with other airlines when the plane planted on an unscheduled refueling stop, but the passengers were not planted, or have just landed in the transit zone, we do not pass any inspection and control, and sat back in the plane.
But there simply is no limit disturbance. And Ufimtsev was only 1 / 3 the plane and the rest of the large flying to Surgut. When we flew back from Surgut to Antalya aircraft was not complete, and we Ufimtsev not tucked. The flight was direct.
All passengers were packages of duty free. Antalya is not packed package. As a result, boarding Ufa -Surgut any problems. We do not want to let the plane, recalling that this is a domestic flight.
At the airport Ufa asked to pack this bag. Packaging cost 300 rubles. We just flew in an airplane with these bottles have been possible, but now you see it is impossible. Generally packer profited from our plane not Hilo. They called airport security, but it is nothing intelligible could not tell. And we did not want to make concessions.
At the airport, people demanded the representatives of the airlines and travel agencies, but they are not there. Asks the crew who make claims for this route? The crew of the Pegasus said. Ringing in the Pegasus. Pegasus says Icarus. Well, I decided to write Icarus how was our flight! Pegasus I also write.
Again passed inspection, and Ufa is not just inspection, is a search! With the removal of shoes and feeling people. All passengers were outraged. We have been through it all in Antalya.
Surgut feed the poor. We had to feed dinner, we flew 6 hours, but as the flight pitched us from Antalya shoved a sandwich, and from Ufa too stuck 1 buterbrodik. It is a complete disgrace! People are hungry, angry and tired children. The plane was hot, asked to do more cool air-conditioned air hostess just smiled, said nothing to do now, and as a result did not change. Leather seats, sit on them uncomfortable, stick and sweat.
They scoffed at the customs office in Ufa asking how many liters you carry as packs of cigarettes? Viewed luggage.
The crew had to warn people and provide them with comfort, but the opposite happened. We could say, "the passengers of Surgut are the first to go through customs," how to organize people to catch the flight, maybe even conduct them separately for passport control. We lost two hours in Ufa. We got home only in the morning. The journey took 9 hours instead of 5,5 hours.
Why not make sure that we do not pass through customs in Ufa? And anyway why Ufa, rather than in any other city, Ekaterinburg, Samara? Why dispose of its airline passengers as a pawn? If I had known that it will take a flight, I would not take a ticket from Surgut, I would fly out of another big city, from the same Moscow and Ufa.
I'd like to hear an apology for the inconvenience and return 300 rubles per pack package from duty free.

In a nutshell: The contract of carriage, you do not lie with the airline and with turfirmoy.Tak that all claims against the travel agency. The airline, in this case complied with flights booked and paid for the tour operator. Passport and customs control you had to take place in the airport where you ended the international segment of the carriage, as has already been further domestic flight. Tour operator simply saved by eliminating one side of the two.

Oleg, what kind of nonsense are you talking about !! The agreement with turfiromoy and who travel company ??? carries no tour company teamed, and the carrier), reducing costs)

It's time to get used to the wonders Pegasovskih airlines, they themselves, which want to fly)))))

So many claims, you might think that you have only flown Emirates before. If this happens, then there are reasons for it. There are "three cripples" from our Surgut and they want the whole plane to be sent to Surgut. In general, people who buy a tour for three kopecks but want to relax for three million annoy people. I myself work in the field of tourism and I know all these "tourists", how they beg for discounts and so on.

Oh, you, beauty, you live off the tourists, feed on their "three cents" and water them with mud ... Took money from a person, be so kind as to fulfill your obligations to tourists and not write nasty things to them. It's a pity that I can only write to the cute girl Irina, and not be next to her ... by God, I would have kicked a toadstool !!!

So you offer tours "for three kopecks" to potential tourists in order to sell more vouchers and recoup the purchased seats on the plane and hotel reservations! And the airline-carrier you choose, not your tourists. And the fact that you could not recruit tourists, but only "three cripples" is the difficulties of your business. What are the tourists who are to blame for using your services? By providing such a "service" you run the risk of being left without clients at all.

I totally agree with you.

In principle, I agree with you, but what does it mean to "beg for a discount". If the agency has promised, then please follow through.

And what a difference a penny or three rubles, she correctly written, even if you need a transplant is possible to organize it on a human, rather than otvyazhiz ... you able to take and enjoy.

The first time the airline flew Icarus. Tenerife flight flew to Moscow, there were only positive emotions. I liked everything, fed 2 times, first and hot drinks, and then another offered tea / coffee and a muffin. All the food is fresh and tasty. Registration was fast. Stewardesses were outgoing and positive, the pilot, we sometimes talked about the city over which we were flying. Cons no. All very much.

And given you places that would not stand to fly, right? It is also a plus!


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Cancellation shall be flying to Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tbilisi, Astana, Kaliningrad, Tel Aviv, Helsinki, Munich, Brussels, Rome, Istanbul, Dubai, Zurich and Rome.
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