Airline Turkmenistan Airlines
Airline Turkmenistan Airlines

Airline Turkmenistan Airlines (Turkmenistan Airlines). Official site.

"Turkmenistan Airlines" - the national airline of Turkmenistan, a member of IATA. Founded in 1992, at today is the leader in the country to provide a large passenger traffic on domestic and international flights. Base airport company - Turkmenbashi and Ashgabat, here are held charter and scheduled flights. The range of services "Turkmenistan Airlines" includes passenger and freight transport in various cities in Asia and Europe.

At the time of gaining independence by Turkmenistan the company held a complete upgrade of its fleet. In place of the outdated transport aircrafts were purchased imported liners Western countries. At the present time the company has 36 BC, which include passenger and cargo planes, business aircraft and several helicopters. "Turkmenistan Airlines" constantly strives to improve service levels, so is upgrading and repairing airports, offers reservations and purchase of tickets through the Internet.

Classes of Service

Passengers on the airline offers its "Boeing" two classes of service - Economy and Business, with guaranteed comfort and safety of flight. Also, on some ships is provided VIP-service.

  • Economy - the basic package of services for passengers, including the provision of drinks, food and television.
  • Business class - providing a wide range of services to provide increased passenger comfort. It consists of a rich menu, press, and alcohol. Beauty of this class is in front of the aircraft and is equipped with armchairs.

Transportation of luggage

According to the rules established by Turkmenistan Airlines, a passenger is allowed to carry hand luggage with them in the cabin of the aircraft up to 50 x 40 x 20 cm and weighing up to 5 kg. On top of the norm, you can take a blanket, outerwear, a magazine or book for reading, an umbrella, a bag, if the items fit in your hands.

In the case of flights with a child passenger is allowed to take into the cabin cradle, a bag-carrier, baby food. Persons with disabilities may carry into the cabin wheelchair. Excess baggage is charged according to tariffs of the air carrier.

Permissible movement of animals and birds, but only after the passenger accompanying documents, a list of which can be found on the airline. Transportation of pets is possible only in containers under the tariff as the excess baggage.

According to the rules, it allows the airline to take on board a limited amount of tobacco, alcohol, hygiene and medications, which can be claimed during the flight.

Employees "Turkmenistan Airlines" are allowed to inspect baggage before boarding the plane and inside. Carrier compiled a list of items that can not be transported (compressed gases, poisonous, explosive substances, etc.).

Basic data of Turkmenistan Airlines:

  • Airline country - Turkmenistan

  • National Aviation Company of Turkmenistan

  • Year of appearance: 1992

  • IATA airline code: T5

  • ICAO airline code: TUA


Turkmenistan Airlines (Turkmenistan Airlines). Official site:

Turkmenistan Airlines


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