Airline Vyuling Airlines
Airline Vyuling Airlines

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Vueling Airlines (also known by its short name Vueling "Vueling") is a low-cost airline company based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Its home airport is Barcelona - El Prat, with additional hubs in Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, Malaga and Valencia. Vueling is Spain's second largest airline after Iberia Airlines. The company carried 2012 million passengers in 14,8



Vueling was founded in February 2004 years and began producing commercial flights in July 1 2004 years. The Navy had only two aircraft that served the direction of Barcelona-Ibiza. After just half a year, in dekabre 2005 years, the company became profitable.

Airline Vyuling Airlines (Vueling Airlines). Official sayt.2

Vueling in the ranking of European budget carriers ranked third in 2006 year (after EasyJet and Air Berlin). But next year, it is a place not kept.

According to calculations in 2009 by Skytrax Research, Vueling is the third-best budget aviation company in Western Europe, after Aer Arann and EasyJet.



Vueling flies to 38 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. A low-cost airline in the CIS flies to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Minsk, Kiev and Yerevan. Flights to Tallinn are also made.



The average age of aircraft in July 2015, the aviation company is 6.6 years.

Some aircraft on Vueling have their own names. For example, the aircraft with registration number EC-KBU has a name «Be Vueling my friend», and two A320 painted in a special livery MTV channel.


The rate of carry-on baggage

Each passenger has the right to carry one piece of carry-on baggage, which must not exceed the weight of 10 kg and dimensions 55x40x20 cm. Carriage of carry-on baggage that does not correspond to one of these parameters is possible for an additional fee of 35 euros.


Norma checked baggage

Air tickets for Vueling flights do not include checked baggage. Any baggage that is not considered carry-on baggage must be additionally paid for and checked in. One piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg costs from 12 euros when payment is made when buying a ticket, and 35 euros if you do it directly at the airport before departure. The greatest possible weight of one piece of baggage can be 32 kg. The total weight of baggage per passenger cannot exceed 50 kg. You need to pay for baggage in advance through the website of the aviation company.


Cooperation with MTV

Vueling in 2009, the second year collaborated with MTV during the summer season. Two aircraft Airbus A320-200 company Vueling (registration number EC-KDH and EC-KDG) were repainted in the livery MTV inside and outside the passenger compartment. Art support has made «Custo Barcelona» design bureau.

Basic data of Vueling Airlines:

  • Country Airlines Spain.
  • Low cost air lines to Europe from Spain.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 2004.
  • IATA airline code: VY.
  • ICAO airline code: VLG.


Viewling Airlines (Vueling Airlines). Official site:

Vyuling Airlines (Vueling Airlines). Official site.


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Good afternoon! Tell me please. Is it possible to carry in the baggage TV - the size of the box 120x65sm.and what rules must be observed so that there are no problems. Thank you. my e-mail address
[email protected]

tell if you have tickets to Simferopol for two with luggage on the next date and the return 5 October

In Rome, the representatives of airlines openly involved in a crime of fraud. With timely arrival for registration on a plane to Barcelona in August 1 2016 years, representatives of the airline said that we were late for the plane. After they forced to buy tickets for Euro 420, and the cashier gave Ricardo did not even surrender. All of the company's representatives in Rome deceivers

He flew to Moscow with his wife and mother. Tickets purchased in advance, not to worry about the departure, which, by the way, made at the highest level. Food paid, but since I do not fly for the first time, has acquired all the necessary even before planting.

Yesterday ordered tickets. I came to the answer that everything is booked, sent the flight and booking reference number. And do not send e-tickets. What should I do? By booking code at the airport to handle?

Despite the fact that the company's website clearly stated the fact of the company's relationship to loukost category, in fact, it is much superior to the comfort of movement, most Russian airlines. Therefore, without much overpaid, you can make travel more comfortable planes with high quality service.

Lisa, I can not agree with you. Vueling about their obligations unreliable company

I was surprised that the airplane staff hardly understands the Russian language, I certainly understand that the aircraft is international, but to my opinion it is time to get used to, and given that the vast majority of passengers I meet the Russians in the cabin.

Repeatedly I use the services of the airline, and I want to say that the only drawback for all time became 40 minute delay flight to Barcelona. At the same time representative of the company was not too lazy to go out and explain to us what the reason is. But most of all struck by the fact that we landed on schedule, for which the commander of the ship special thanks.

I never thought that this could be. I flew to Malaga via Barcelona on vacation. Baggage my entire family was lost, and it was never found. But it's not so bad. Managers always all confused, constantly had to start all over again. Compensation for lost luggage promised to pay in the amount of EUR 320, but we do not also have not received. So, if you value your time and nerves, never use the services of Vueling.


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