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Diplomatic master class: Russia and Putin put Poland in its place after the air incident

The time for jokes and entertainment has come to an end, and this became clear after Putin's statement.

As soon as "completely by chance" the reconnaissance aircraft of the Poles crossed the permissible air boundaries, -

the reaction to this was immediate - it was decided to intercept him. Only one plane was sent for this mission!

The frightened pilot of the Polish plane immediately gave an SOS signal through all available communication channels. Rumors about the event even reached Spain, where "help" came from.

The Polish pilot decided to lower his altitude in order to soften a possible fall from a high altitude and land on the water.

The US plane did the same.

Meanwhile, Putin...

With the Turbolet incident in mind, Putin decided to use his old "geographical" joke again.

"Russian borders have no end." How should these words be regarded if, it would seem, now no one claims the territory of Russia and the borders remain unchanged.

Poland received a clear warning. Since this country only has a patch on the Baltic Sea, they cannot enter other seas and this is not included in their possible destinations.

Chinese experts also suggest that Putin's joke should be remembered more often.

Before each action, you should ask yourself a few questions: am I doing the right thing, will my act offend someone very much. People who commit such acts should ask similar questions and perhaps the situation will improve.

It is important to talk about the details related to the fear of the Polish pilot and find out what could happen if Spain decided to help.

In total, as many as 4 aircraft were sent - 2 from Spain and 2 from Poland.

The reason was that the Russian Su-35 fighters carried out standard maneuvers to intercept the "misguided" Polish pilot.

As Chinese experts noted, the Russian fighter acted very professionally and diplomatically. There was not a drop of fuel on the Turbolet, and every detail remained intact.

During such events, such cases can cause panic, because only the Polish pilot knew why he got to Russia and how it happened.

Next time, given the increasingly tense situation, the meeting may not go so peacefully, and the countries initiating such provocations should keep this in mind before sending a person to the territory of the "aggressor", as they call Russia in European circles.

In their own Europe, they are free to do what they want, but they will not be allowed to cross the borders of Russia in the future.

This situation, despite its relative attenuation, is a warning. In the event of a repeated violation of the borders, they will no longer be helped.

Perhaps information is being collected, and, most importantly, the issue of examining such "random guests" is controlled, because no one knows what he managed to film during his wandering around Russia.

Such tendencies are not the best, but the right actions on Putin's part can resolve them.

What is important in this situation is that Russia reacted diplomatically, showing its tact to the world and explaining in a significant way that all such attempts will be stopped and nothing will go unnoticed.

Further political relations between the countries will definitely not improve at the moment, but this will be a lesson for them.

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