What classes are there in the plane
What classes are there in the plane

What classes are there in the plane: the list description



Almost everyone, even those who did not use the services of air transport, knows that there are several classes of service aircraft passengers. Therefore it is necessary to understand what are the characteristics of each class of the first class and why they find most convenient flight.

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First grade

As you know, first class is often not available on all flights. The presence of this class is considered a characteristic feature of the transatlantic routes. Undoubtedly, every air carrier makes every effort to make the first class as comfortable as possible. In this regard, companies install seats on board the aircraft, which can easily be expanded 180 ° or small sofas. Every year there is a growing number of airlines that equip their planes with beds that are located in separate compartments. Also, first-class customers can use additional services: check-in at the airport out of turn or at special terminals, get to the plane by a business class car or a limousine, while waiting for the flight in a comfortable lounge. Food, as well as various drinks are provided to the passenger from an extensive menu, and the ship's caring staff will ensure a comfortable as well as pleasant flight. Regarding the cost of a first class ticket, it exceeds the price of an economy class ticket by 8-15 times.


Business Class

It was first introduced by KLM back in 1976. Business Class is an alternative to the previously described first class, on aircraft where it is not available. The most striking difference between Economy and Business Class lies in the food for the customers, as well as the more caring attitude of the aircraft personnel.

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Often, business class seats are installed of these types:

  • degree tilt to 160 °, the width of the chair seat 44-86 cm seat pitch 84-202sm;
  • degree tilt 180 °, chairs have seat widths ranging from 46 58 to see step-chair 140 170 cm;
  • degree tilt 180 °, in this case constitute a mini-sofa, which is parallel to the floor.

In addition, the cost of a business class ticket includes drinks, improved food, Internet access. Immediately before check-in at the airport, passengers of this class are provided with a modernly equipped lounge. Regarding the registration itself, it takes place in a separate airport terminal. Business class customers are delivered to the plane's ramp separately from other passengers of the aircraft. In the business class, the ticket price, as a rule, exceeds the cost of the economy class ticket approximately in 3-5 times. The airline also provides the passenger with the opportunity to change the date of departure free of charge or to fully refund the cost of this ticket if the client refuses to fly.


Economy class

This class, as a rule, is located in the middle or rear of the aircraft, which allows it to be the cheapest in comparison with the two previous classes. In this class, the width of the seats ranges from 43 to 46,4 cm, as for the step between the rows, it can vary depending on the flight of the aircraft - regional or international. On regional flights, the width will be from 74 to 81 cm, and on international flights - from 75 to 91 cm, and the step between the seats is from 74 to 91 cm.

Various services and amenities in this class depend directly on the particular air carrier. It is mandatory that each seat must have a folding table and a pocket with an evacuation scheme, and there must also be a logbook.

On long enough flights, passengers are provided with pillows, blankets, earmuffs, earbuds and a hygiene kit. Meals for aircraft passengers depend on the carrier.

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With flights to short-haul companies provide tea, soft drinks and coffee.


other classes

In recent years, airlines are practicing personal classes of passenger service, which combine properties of several classes. For example, quite often companies are practicing ekonomkomfort or premium economy, which is in service between business class and economy.