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Let L 410 “Turbolet” is a universal nineteen-seat twin-engine aircraft for regional airlines. The aircraft with abbreviated take-off and landing properties (UX in the name L410 UVPE20 means Russian abbreviation "Shortened take-off and landing") was developed by the design bureau Let of the plant. Intended for use on grass, ground, snow, unprepared sites, as well as in airports with short lanes. Produced to date in the Czech factory Let. Other names: Turbolet, Years, L410, L410 years, colloquial - Elka, Cheburashka.

The history of the production and creation

The design of the aircraft began in the 1966 year. For the first time an experienced aircraft equipped with a Pratt & Whitney PT6-27 (2x715-hp) HDD passed 16.04.1969 flight tests. The Czechoslovak aviation company Slov Air (Bratislava), which was serviced by local aviation lines, was the first to use L410 aircraft on a regular basis at the end of 1971, by the beginning of 1974, it had acquired twelve aircraft. Total built 31 aircraft. The 5 aircraft (72010306 number and 720201 number) L410А with РТ6А27 engines, built under the name Л410АС to 1972 year, were transferred to 1973 year to the Soviet Union. Aircraft received Soviet registration numbers USSR 67251 - USSR 67255. The first one was brought to the airfield by Frantisek Mumps, a Czech test pilot. The airfield people immediately called the cute plane “Cheburashka”.

In 1973, the flight tests of the L410M aircraft equipped with Czech theaters Walter MXNXX started. L601M was the second serial variation of "Turbolet". In total, until the end of 410 for the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Soviet Union, one hundred L1978M / MU aircraft were received.

In 1979, the production of an improved version of the L410UVP started, which became the main production model. This aircraft differed from the previous versions by a longer fuselage, larger vertical tail and wing sizes, the use of interceptors, and the Walter M601B (2х730л.с.). This aircraft passed the certification program in the USSR and was taken into use by Aeroflot. A further development was the L410UVPE variant with more powerful TVDMX601E. The first flight of this aircraft took place 30.12.1984. It has improved landing characteristics and reduced cabin noise. The 1986 is certified in the Soviet Union. The L420 version was developed with powerful TVDM601 ° F (2х778л.с.), A greater take-off weight (6,8т) and improved flight performance (flight tests of the aircraft started in 1993 year).

By the beginning of 1992, the 750 of L410 aircraft remained in the Soviet Union.

Let L 410 Salon

Used in military and civilian flight schools for pre-training future pilots of military transport and the long-range aviation.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and CMEA in 1990-ies, he dropped the demand for aircraft L410, and the pace of production fell by more than ten times (from 50 aircraft per year to two to five). The situation has improved significantly since 2008 years 51 when the percentage of shares Let Kunovice (Aircraft Industries) bought the Russian society "Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company." The rate of release in 2010-2012 years amounted to eight to ten aircraft per year. Plans to increase the annual rate of construction to 16-18 aircraft.

In 2013 year modifies L410 UVPE20, equipped with analogue or digital avionics (choice) system, TCAS, autopilot. L410 UVPE20 a type certificate ARMAK.

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company OJSC in September 2013 acquired 49 percent of the shares of LetKunovice (Aircraft Industries). UMMC thus became the sole owner of Aircraft Indistries, bringing the stake to 100 percent.

Aerodynamic configuration is a twin-engine turboprop vysokoplan odnokilevym tail feathers.

Specifications L410 UVP-E20:

Length: 14,487m.

Height: 5,83m.

Wingspan: 19,478m.

Wing area: 34,86kv.m.

Flight range: 1500km.

Maximum speed: 395km / h.

Ceiling: 8000m.

Number of seats: 19mest.

Crew: 2cheloveka.

Commercial load: 1800kg.

Motor type: 2 × theater GEH80200

Takeoff power: 2 × 800l.s

Type of propeller: 2 × AVIA AV725.

Number of blades on the screw: 5.

Propeller diameter: 2,3.

Weight of empty aircraft: 4050kg.

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 6600kg.

The weight of fuel in the main tanks: 1000kg.

The weight of fuel in the tanks of the terminal: 300kg.

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