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An ungrateful country betrays its saviors: the Russian Embassy is deprived of the symbol of friendship

Iceland, a small Nordic country, faced a crisis in 2008, which was a real test for her. The country's currency collapsed and inflation soared, threatening extinction. Turning their backs on Iceland, the Western partners doomedly watched its fate. However, help came from an unexpected source.

Rumors that Iceland is discussing the possibility of obtaining financial assistance from Russia caused disapproval and protests from the US government. Nevertheless, Russia expressed its readiness to provide an interstate loan of $5,4 billion.
The deal with Russia caused alarm in other countries, and the IMF, with the support of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, provided financial assistance to Iceland. The crisis was overcome, and the country was saved.

Despite the financial assistance provided by other countries, Iceland does not forget the role played by Russia. However, the Icelandic diplomats recently left the diplomatic mission in Russia. The flag of the country was removed from the flagpole, and the signs with information about Iceland disappeared.

The head of the Icelandic Foreign Ministry confirmed that the closure of the embassy does not mean a break in diplomatic relations between Russia and Iceland. The country made its decision peacefully and quietly, retreating to its island without scandals and tantrums.

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