JSC "Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company"

JSC "Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company"


Open Joint Stock Company "Voronezh Aircraft Joint Stock Company" - a full name. Established plant in 1932 year. Originally, the plant was given the number 18 in the branch register. In 1934 was the first in the series production was a bomber TB-3.

In 1937 year started production bomber DB-3 (IL-4). At the same time issued the Il-2. For local airlines were issued ANT-25. The plant produces more and CAM-5. During the Great Patriotic War Voronezh Aircraft Company was evacuated to Kuibyshev. During the war, they released 36163 aircraft. Awarded the Order of Lenin plant in 1941 and 1966 years. In 1943 the plant was returned from evacuation, and he became known as "Plant № 64». Issue Assault increased maneuverability IL-10 It began in the year 1947. Then we began retrofitting passenger IL-12.

OAO VASO building

In 1949 year began production of jet bomber Il-28. In 1954 year began production of turbojet Tu-16. In 60-ies the plant was given the task to master the production of passenger aircraft Tu-144. At the same time we are preparing the release of widebody Airbus-IL-76. In 1976, the plant was reconstructed, constructed new facilities and developed new technologies. Since December 1980, began passenger aircraft in the country IL-86. In 1986, the production of IL-96-300 long-haul passenger aircraft began, the first flight of which took place in the 1969 year. 

JSC VASO, production

In 1993 the plant was privatized and changed the form of ownership, he became known as an open joint stock company "Voronezh Aircraft Company" (VASO). Transport Aircraft Manufacturing IL-96T It started in 1995 year. In 2005 year revenue for the first three quarters amounted to 2,2 billion rubles., Net profit amounted to 228 million rubles. Since 2006, the plant is part of the state of "Obedenennoe Aircraft Corporation." Since 2008 year began production of some aircraft parts A-320 и A-380.

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In 2011 it was planned to IL-112 manufacturing light transport aircraft, but in 2010, the public funding suspended. In 2013 was resumed production of IL-112 light transport aircraft.

JSC "VASO" contacts:

Website: http://www.vaso.ru/

Open Joint-Stock Company Voronezh Aircraft Building Company 
Open Joint-Stock Company Voronezh Aircraft Joint-Stock Company 
394029, Voronezh, st. Tsiolkovsky, 27

General Director - Sergey Pavlovich Yurasov
Тел.: (473) 244-85-01, 49-91-11
Fax: (473) 249-90-17 
Email: [email protected]

Technical Director 
Tel .: (473) 244-85-85 
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Human Resources Director
Tel .: (473) 249-52-77
Fax: (473) 244-85-35 

Production Director
Tel .: (473) 249-77-84
Fax: (473) 244-88-76 

Director of Economics and Finance 
Tel .: (473) 249-93-20
Email: [email protected]

Chief Accountant 
Tel .: (473) 249-93-77

Chief Engineer  
Tel .: (473) 244-85-04

Administrative director 
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Assistant Director-General for Public Relations 
Tel .: (473) 244-87-52

marketing, sales and cooperation
Tel / Fax (473) 249-93-97, tel. (473) 249-94-26, 244-88-57
Email: [email protected]

Department of Chief Mechanic 
Tel .: (473) 244-84-82

Department of Chief Energy 
Tel .: (473) 249-94-39

Capital Construction Department 
Tel .: (473) 244-85-94

Personnel management 
Тел.: (473) 244-87-40. 244-88-69 
Email:resume.v[email protected] 

Reference ATS Office

Tel .: (473) 244-88-00

Center for Public Information and Press (edited by the Voronezh Wings corporate newspaper) 
Tel .: (473) 248-56-97 
Email: [email protected]

Director of the factory museum  
Tel .: (473) 244-86-78


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