Ghost (2015).
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Ghost (2015).

Ghost (2015).


  • Country Russia.
  • Director Alexander Voitinsky.
  • Actors: Fyodor Bondarchuk, Simon Treskunov Yan Yan Tsapnik Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, Igor Ugolnikov


The film "Ghost" will tell the story of a difficult beautiful aircraft Yuri Gordeyev, who created the unique perspective of a kind aircraft SOUTH-1.



Ready to show their airplane at the air show in Zhukovsky, Yuri Gordeev intends to become the winner of the public tender, which will allow him to turn to establish serial production of the aircraft. Just a few days before the exhibition, Gordeyev gets drunk behind the wheel of his car and is killed in a car accident, but the story of the film is just beginning to gain its momentum.



Aviastroitel does not get to heaven and becomes a ghost which no one notices except complexed teenager - Vanya Kuznetsova. The main characters are taking all the necessary support to, each other - Gordeyev helps unlucky schoolboy and aircraft designer Vanya to help run his baby in the sky.



It would seem that everything is simple enough, but the heroes have yet to face the type by the name of the slide, which is a competitor of Yuri and also eager to win the tender.



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