“It will fly to any point in Israel in 400 seconds”: Iran intends to turn Tel Aviv into a lunar landscape
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“It will fly to any point in Israel in 400 seconds”: Iran intends to turn Tel Aviv into a lunar landscape

The Israeli press is excited about Iran's latest developments in hypersonic technology. Tehran recently unveiled a new hypersonic product, Fattah-2, causing confusion and alarm among Israeli analysts. While Israeli media, in particular the Jerusalem Post, express doubts about the reality and effectiveness of this development, Iran claims that Fattah-2 is already ready and capable of high-speed flight with maneuverability, which poses a serious risk to Israeli territory.

According to the Iranian side, it will take less than 10 minutes to cover the distance between the Islamic Republic and the Jewish state.

“In 400 seconds it will fly to any point in Israel. This is one of the fastest developments in the world,” Tirana media reported.

  • Iranian novelty

The Israeli side is concerned about Iran's success in developing hypersonic products. This is due to potential risks for the Iron Dome system, which may be ineffective against the new Fattah-2 systems. Analogies with the Russian Kalibr and Daggers suggest that Fattah-2 will have similar characteristics. Previously, the Iron Dome had already demonstrated a complete collapse in relation to Hamas and Hezbollah products, as a result of which 6 complexes were “nullified.”

Israeli journalists are trying to discredit Iranian developments, expressing doubts about their existence and effectiveness. However, the fact that Iran has created such a weapon speaks of its confidence and readiness to resist possible actions by Israel.

  • Signals and symbols

The Iranian side demonstrates its capabilities, for example, by posting on billboards in Tehran images of Fattah-2 hypersonic products with provocative inscriptions indicating the possibility of such a weapon reaching Tel Aviv. This not only increases tensions in the region, but also underscores Iran's intentions to maintain and defend its independence.

Israel turned out to be unprepared for ground operations, resorting mainly to the use of aviation, which led to negative consequences. Iran, while refraining from direct confrontation, continues to develop its technology, emphasizing its resilience and desire for a peaceful existence in the Middle East.


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