4 Russian drones spotted over strategic objects in Sweden

In Sweden, Russian attack drones were found flying over the territory of the country.

Military drones that, according to the Swedish publication Aftonbladet, have been spotted over eastern Sweden have caused panic. This happened after Sweden began to voice its threats against Russia and, according to the materials presented by the Aftonbladet publication, these are military drones with an approximate wingspan of more than two meters, which, as stated, may well belong to Russia.

According to Aftonbladet, the fact that this is the fourth time a drone has been seen over the same areas of Sweden has attracted particular attention. At the same time, the police claim that the flight of the drone was not authorized.

“Four drones in the air on their way to the city – locals sounded the alarm so early this week that it forced police across Stockholm to begin patrolling. Aftonbladet was able to find out that the areas in which the UAVs were seen have important social functions and are also connected with the government of the country. “The drones could carry a payload and target social targets,” says intelligence analysis professor Wilhelm Agrell. Shortly after dark, a special operation was launched in the Stockholm area after four unmanned aerial vehicles were found "hovering" over Nakka. According to Aftonbladet, one of the drones flew over the oil port of Berg, which is owned by Circle K and supplies the entire Mälardalen with various types of fuel. This led to the fact that the regional task force of the police sent a special team to the scene. “The drone was circling around the oil tanks and oil depot and it caused a lot of concern because it is an important facility,” an official source told Aftonbladet. After 17:00 p.m., the police said they were "large type" drones with wings, after which other UAVs were found. "Most of the drones flew towards the city at the same time," the official said. Two drones were later seen in the area of ​​the Kaknestornet TV tower, which is a protected site, and a third appeared near the large waterworks in Norborg, which are also protected sites. Simultaneous overflights of nuclear power plants and the events of unmanned aerial vehicles flying over the center of Stockholm at the same time mean that some parallels can be drawn with the so-called “Russian Easter” of 2013, when Russia simulated a nuclear attack on Sweden with the help of bombers », - said in the material "Aftonbladet".

At the moment, it has not been possible to establish which drones we are talking about, however, after the last recorded incident on January 16, a similar situation was no longer observed.

No. This is Malysh and Carlson attending an aircraft modeling club

And what do the laws of Sweden say about drones? Can they fly freely or not? And how did they spot these messengers from hell? A wingspan of 2 meters is not the largest radio-controlled model. Do you have air defense in Sweden in general?

"Some kind of fuss was allegedly noticed in Sweden, presumably panic, presumably the military, Presumably due to supposedly seen in the sky presumably 4 presumably drones, presumably military, presumably possibly belonging to the Russian Federation ....."

So so so .... Perhaps the word "maybe" in the news is superfluous?

They forgot to note that at the mention of one name of the President of Russia, the whole world is in a fever!

Democracy and the media is a terrible force, especially on a paid order.

they were already looking for a submarine. did not ask.

Yes, that's nonsense. When the USSR sold Swedish planes and bombed Stockholm, they said the same thing.

Europe is absolutely stunned. I understand that Sweden is a neutral country, but you can't think only about the problems of polar bears and seals. One should think about protecting one's own country no less than about the problem of global warming. Where is modern technology, where are the means of combating UAVs. With a UAV with a wingspan of 2 meters, the police are involved. Where is the army?

A couple of days ago, three moose ran across the road not far from Stockholm in front of a vehicle of the Swedish Armed Forces. These were definitely Putin's fighting moose. In the near future, according to Shoigu's plan, an invasion of lemmings to the north of Sweden and Norway is expected. Russian pink salmon has already occupied the Barents Sea. It's only the beginning.

This is the same as the poisoning before the World Cup in England by Russian Skripals. (the work of the CIA and Mi-6)

To understand whose drones, let's remember who last week drove Sweden and Finland into NATO with a broom? I won’t be surprised that the Americans will drive out the MiGs or Dryers they have for training under the guise of Russians and over Finland.

A strike UAV with a wingspan of 2 m and a range to Sweden is ridiculous.)

It's all right, it's Carlson, who lives on the roof

I can’t wait until Putin has already gouged the military infrastructures of NATO and the USA !!! Logical ending! What did you fight for...

probably drank Russian vodka

They sing along to the States, pump up the atmosphere.

did they fly right? Why didn't they shoot it down? They also have the best air defense in Europe "Karl-XII" with twelve super-duper missiles. A! Well, if there were wings, then of course you won't get there. Calm down, fellow Swedes! If an iron hand with a raised middle finger did not stick out from the drone, then this is not a Russian UAV! It is your military who are scaring you, but the police have not been notified.

Again the notorious highley likes! Yes, even in the eastern part of Sweden. They would have raised aviation a long time ago and showed the whole world how drones are shot down.

The Swedes are deliberately inflating panic from scratch, it seems like someone was flying somewhere, but in fact there is no one!

Then the Swedes were fashionable submarines. Now drones.
Swedish comrades keep up with fashion!
PS. There are wings. But there is no photo / video. A miracle ....... for the 21st century ....

Have you found the submarine yet?

It’s necessary for the whole country to get so pissed off in order to see so many alien devices in the sky!

It’s hard for the Swedes, then Russian submarines surface at their pier, now UAVs fly like in a parade.

Class. After Sweden's tactful refusal to join NATO, Russian strike drones appear. The question is why this is necessary ... Such a thing could only go into the head of the "most brilliant" Stoltenberg ...

Are the Swedes afraid? Why was Russia threatened?

The aliens are playing again...

Nonsense. It is not clear where it comes from.



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