Baza: Russia used secret weapons against the US army and diplomats

Russia has used secret weapons against the American military.

CIA Director William Burns believes that Russia is involved in the use of secret Russian weapons against the US military and diplomats. At the moment, Burns has no evidence that the Russian side is behind this, however, according to the Telegram-channel Baza, during the visit of the CIA director to Moscow, he stated that if Russia is really involved in the use of weapons against the American side, very serious consequences await it.

“During his recent visit to Moscow, CIA Director William Burns talked with the leadership of the Russian special services and warned about the“ consequences ”threatening Russia if it turns out that it is she who is behind the“ Havana syndrome ”. Writes about this The Washington Post. "Havana Syndrome" refers to a mysterious anomaly that has plagued American government officials and agents around the world for several years. After exposure from an unknown source, the victims experience severe pressure and excruciating headaches. Doctors describe their brain injuries as "concussion without concussion." According to one version, the "Havana syndrome" provokes a secret weapon of foreign intelligence. Who exactly is behind this is unknown, but the US authorities have long suspected Russia, although there is no evidence of this. ", - reports "Telegram" -channel "Baza".

At the same time, Burns's statement has no evidence and no connection with Russia, especially since attacks on the American military and diplomats have been recorded for several decades. Moreover, the cases are not massive, but isolated. This indicates only either an anomaly or a targeted point effect, which is considered practically impossible even with the level of modern technologies.

America has typical aggressor paranoia

if Russia had such an opportunity, the first to have a headache would be the CIA in Kiev in 2013, and Nuland would vomit on the Maidan in a bag of cookies .........

GB, what can they do? Power has dried up, if they could, they would have done it a long time ago.

And all our weapons are secret, just like yours. Didn't you launch a secret coronavirus, you have so many laboratories and all are secret?

Only now it "whines" very fortunately. The SP-2 does not work, Bandera do what they want, and so on.
And they pump oil from Syria. Those. these whineers in Syria pay off.

They can only quack unclassified and nothing else.

They stuff their embassies with spy equipment, and then they are surprised that their head hurts.

Oh, and a superpower, only whines and blames for its problems and failures.

And they can use unclassified, but very effective, in response.