Chasing a ship


“Crush him ... Th!”: The Italian warship barely escaped. Video

Video of the pursuit of an Italian warship hit the Net.

A few days ago, an Italian warship entered the territorial waters of Libya, however, despite the much more significant power of a military naval vessel, the Libyan National Army naval ship managed to force the latter to flee from the territorial waters of Syria.

In a video published by the Telegram community «Military Observer» You can see that the Libyan National Army’s warship managed to actually catch up with the Italian naval vessel, and, as a result of the chase, the LNA Navy warship almost began to ram the Italian naval vessel.

Netizens quite accurately drew analogies with the incident that occurred in the Kerch Strait, when Ukrainian warships invaded territorial waters, and were also rammed by a Russian warship.

Specialists, in turn, argue that the LNA is armed with anti-ship missiles, which the Libyan national army could well use to destroy the Italian naval vessel, and the military of the latter country was very lucky.

For the first time or what?