Egypt acquires Russian X-59MK2 super-rockets - they have no analogues in the world

Russia will sell Egypt super-missiles for the purchased Su-35 fighters.

The Egyptian Air Force, in addition to receiving the most maneuverable combat aircraft on the planet, will receive from Russia X-59MK2 tactical cruise missiles capable of hitting targets at distances of 300 kilometers (export version of a cruise missile - approx. Ed.). Such weapons allow Su-35 fighters to destroy positional areas of enemy air defense and missile defense systems and destroy naval targets.

“It is known that these fighters are the most powerful fighter-interceptors that exist today, and they were specially designed to dominate the airspace and prevent other fighters from being in the sky, but the distinguishing feature of these fighters is that they have a super-rocket, which has no analogues yet. This fighter has the Kh-59MK2 cruise missile, which is a tactical missile for stationary purposes with a flight range of 550 km for the Russian version and less than 300 km for the export version, equipped with a warhead weighing 700 kg., And a speed of 1000 km / h. These missiles are inertia-controlled means of attacking ground targets, and also an active radar with an electro-optical system to determine the target and increase the accuracy of hits with a possible error of 3-5 meters. ”- сообщает Al-Masdar News.

It should be clarified that Egypt could become the largest importer of Russian Su-35 fighters, and at the moment, local media report that the acquisition of these combat aircraft will allow the country to significantly strengthen its influence in the region.