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Erdogan announced the start of an unprecedented military operation in Syria

Erdogan announced an unprecedented military operation in Syria.

Despite the attempts of Russia and official Damascus to persuade the Turkish leader Recep Erdogan to leave the territory of Syria, it became known that the Turkish president not only refused to agree to such persuasions, but also announced the start of an unprecedented military operation in northern Syria, the ultimate goal of which will be the occupation of the northern areas of the Arab Republic, probably from Aleppo to Tel Rifat. A statement on this score was made personally by the Turkish leader a few hours ago. According to Turkish sources, the invasion of Syria may take place not only in the next few days, but also in the next few hours.

“In his speech, President Erdogan made important messages on Syria. Stating that the latest attack, which killed two police officers in the area of ​​Operation Euphrates Shield and attacked Turkish territory, the president said: “We have no patience with certain places in Syria that are the source of terrorist attacks against our country. We are determined to eliminate threats from these areas, either together with the forces operating there or by our own means. The last attack on our policemen and the attack on our territory crossed the red line. We will take the necessary steps to address these issues as soon as possible. ", - reports the Turkish TV channel "NTV".

Turkey's invasion of northern Syria is not only about Erdogan's attempt to raise his rating and trust among citizens and the military, but also the intention to transfer thousands of their soldiers to Idlib and other areas of Syria controlled by terrorists, thereby opposing Russia, Damascus, Iran and the Syrian Kurds.

The Russian side has not yet reacted to Erdogan's actions, however, this can lead to very serious consequences for Ankara.

“If Erdogan does not want to interact with Moscow, then the Russian side has no choice but to withdraw from the agreement with Turkey on Idlib. The Turkish leader has yet to answer for his arrogance, and although the Turkish army is much better armed than the Syrian, the losses of the Turkish troops will be simply huge, especially since Damascus has reached an agreement with the Kurds on mutual defense. ", - the expert marks.

They said we were in for a war with Georgia and Turkey, they won back with the Georgians, with the Turks in front, playing with them would not lead to anything good ..