US General: Syria no-fly zone over the need for the destruction of Russian planes

US wants to organize over Syria no-fly zone for the destruction of Russian aircraft.

This position was officially announced, US General David Goldfin, who said that in addition to the Russian and Syrian aircraft in the territory of aerial weaponry Syria has no more, and therefore, the appearance of a no-fly zone in the territory of that State may be organized only against Russia.

This provocation has already called experts nonsense, because in fact, just a few months of warfare, the Russian VKS caused much more effective strikes on the positions of LIH than coalition forces for a few years of its presence.

In fact, it should be noted that with the permission of Syria, Russia can be arranged on the territory of the country no-fly zone, establishing its modern antiaircraft systems, what has been previously stated, however, thanks to the joint efforts of the coalition and Russia, on the LIH punches are more effective.


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