Israel reopened its airspace

This morning, at 7:30 Moscow time, Israel decided to reopen its airspace after several hours of tense defense against a massive missile attack from Iran. Let us recall that the closure of the skies over the country was caused by a series of attacks on Israeli targets, during which Iran used more than 100 surface-to-surface missiles, 36 cruise missiles and about three hundred drones, including Shahed-type models.

Iranian missiles and drones were launched not only from Iran itself, but also from Iraq, Yemen and Syria, indicating coordinated actions. According to Israeli air defense reports, thanks to the effective operation of defensive systems and the support of allies, in particular the United States, it was possible to neutralize a significant part of the threat. What is noteworthy is that during the attack, one of the missiles fell on Jordanian territory, resulting in casualties.

The opening of Israeli airspace came after the latest Iranian missile explosion and was perceived as a sign of stabilization in the region.


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