None of the hypersonic missiles launched by Iran reached Israel.

On the night of April 14, Israel successfully repelled a massive missile attack originating from Iran and supported by its allies in southern Lebanon and Iraq. This response followed Iran's statements about its intention to take revenge for the murder of its generals in Damascus, organized, according to them, by Israeli intelligence services.

Israeli military sources confirmed that the total number of missiles launched towards their territory reached one hundred units, including the latest Fattah hypersonic ballistic missiles. However, thanks to the high readiness and effectiveness of the air defense system, all missiles were successfully intercepted, including those that tried to penetrate the atmosphere, as evidenced by footage filmed by residents of the region.

The effectiveness of Israeli air defense systems, including the famous Iron Dome, turned out to be quite high. However, it is important to note that most of the missiles were shot down by Israeli allies over Iraq and Jordan.

However, what is notable is that none of the hypersonic missiles have reached Israel, which calls into question the effectiveness of Iran's recently unveiled hypersonic missiles.

In total, as the sources note, four explosions occurred on Israeli territory - two of them were caused by hits from ballistic missiles of an unknown type.

Muy desinformado el analista. Sí tuvo exito. Los 7 misiles hipersónicos destruyeron las dos bases militares sionistas programadas. infórmese mejor y deje de apoyar al sionismo genocida

It’s strange, it’s not possible to intercept all the makeshift missiles from the Gaza Strip. And here are hypersonic ones, mixed with martyrs and winged ones, at 150%. Strange, maybe they're lying?

You surely know that this Iran attack was a load of bullshit, don't you? What, the Patriot system shot down Iranian hypersonics? Yet somehow in Ukraine, Khinzals always get through?

This whole thing was a put-up job engineered by the US and Iran to keep oil prices low. A bit of theater for the Arab masses to keep 'em quiet about Gaza. In other words, it was like Trump's Tomahawk attack where rocks in the desert got boiled and roasted.

This was a fake retaliation. A complete farce. Wait until it becomes obvious to the average Arab that the US bought the Iranians off. The IRGC will never live it down.

And why would Russia continue to trust Iran?

There is something very fishy going on, but Palestinians are still dying by their thousands.

Israel re-opens its airspace immediately after the fake attack and the four bombs they set off on their own territory.

Nothing really happened.

c'est bien d'attendre pour avoir une information plus cohérente. Il n'arrive pas arrêter tout les missiles du hezbolla, mais il arrive arrêter tout les missiles de l'Iran.
les israéliens auraient fait mieux que les américains pour leur base en Iraq. 13 missiles et aucune intersection.
it's impressive

It’s a pity Biden won’t let me would be very interesting

They lie like they breathe, full of videos of arrivals in Israel



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