Helicopter shot down


Israeli rocket hit Mi-17 helicopter, killed 6 people

An Israeli rocket hit a Mi-17 military helicopter.

An Israeli rocket fired by the Spyder anti-aircraft complex hit a Mi-17 military helicopter. As a result of a direct hit, the soldiers on board the helicopter were killed, and the helicopter itself turned into a pile of corrupted debris.

As can be seen in the photographs presented, the Israeli rocket did not leave the servicemen aboard the Mi-17 helicopter a single chance to survive. According to the witnesses of the incident, a deafening explosion was initially heard, after which you could see a real fireball in the sky.

Initially, India refused to confirm the fact that a military helicopter was destroyed as a result of a rocket hit, referring to the fact that we are talking about a plane crash caused by technical malfunctions. Nevertheless, as it became known, the Spyder rocket itself mistakenly perceived the Mi-17 helicopter for its target, although it had to hit the Pakistani fighters.

As a result of hitting an Israeli anti-aircraft missile in a Mi-17 helicopter, 6 people died, while, as reported by the media, four officers were brought to justice, who controlled the anti-aircraft missile system.

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