Helicopter crash


Unknown electronic warfare constantly shoots down American helicopters over northeastern Syria

In the third crash of an American helicopter over Syria, they saw the trail of Russian weapons.

About a day ago, the third American military helicopter crashed over the northeastern part of Syria. The official statement said that a technical malfunction was to blame for everything, however, this is the third case when in this area of ​​Syria, American rotary-wing aircraft corny systems fail, which led to assumptions that the operation of a powerful electronic warfare system is to blame. the nearest of them can be deployed on the territory of the Russian airfield in Kamyshly, which is just a few tens of kilometers from the crash site of the US Air Force helicopter.

In the official report, the so-called. The “international coalition” was told that the incident was non-combat, however, Syrian sources clarify that the helicopter pilot faced a general failure of the rotorcraft systems, which is a similar problem in three other cases of American helicopter crashes in this area of ​​Syria.

Experts draw attention to the fact that Russia would hardly have used this weapon against the American military, however, the system can well be used to suppress the communications of Turkish-backed jihadists, as well as disrupt the operation of navigation systems, thereby preventing Turkey from conducting reconnaissance over the territory of the Arab republic.

Well, even if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tells them that they shouldn't fly near military facilities of the Russian Federation, they will still fly. So why bother the Foreign Ministry, let them fly

so what's the problem? Anomalous zone, American helicopters are constantly falling. Either a question to the technique, or you just don't need to poke your nose where you are not asked.

You don't fly there, you fly from here. And then the electronic warfare will hit your head, you will be completely dead.

Well, yes, most likely the American contractor stole money for repairs and maintenance, so they fall. But in order not to go to prison, they tell tales about the great terrible Russians.

Nevertheless, this electronic warfare does not prevent the Americans from stealing Syrian oil.

In some Syria, windmills are teasing. And under their very nose, RQ-4s fly as they want. A problem.

They need to explain that there is such a bad place and that they have to fly there with holy water and read "Our Father". Will help. May be.

Is it that a Russian tractor between plowing shoots down enemy satellites.

Israel can be understood, there are only Islamists around ...... But ..... we must remember kindness and help.

Secret communications protection system, incidentally shot down three amers' helicopters :)

"Dear" partners are hinting to you, hinting, but you won't understand everything!
No need to fly in Syria, and in general you were not standing here, and you were named! Something like this!



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