Blast in Venezuela


New sabotage in Venezuela: blown up oil refinery

In Venezuela, blew up a refinery.

A new wave of sabotage in Venezuela was marked by an explosion at an oil refinery in the city of San Diego de Cabrutika. It is known that we are talking about one of the largest oil refineries in the country, which forces the Venezuelan authorities to prepare for the imposition of a state of martial law in the country.

“A few minutes ago, an oil refinery was blown up in San Diego de Cabrutika. The explosion killed at least 10 people, a few dozen were seriously injured and injured. This is a diversion. ”- says the message of the social network «Facebook».

At the disposal of the resource there appeared unique shots of how, in a few moments after the sabotage, the flames quickly spread and turned everything around into real hell.

According to some information, a few hours before the sabotage, an American military reconnaissance aircraft was spotted near the Venezuelan borders, but this information could not be confirmed with information on online services.

Experts say that we are talking about a targeted series of sabotage against the energy system of the Latin American state, and, according to analysts, there was a cost in this incident without the direct intervention of US intelligence.

So it is necessary to destroy the US puppet, and not to admonish.

The United States both remained a gang of thugs and remained. They have a constant itch in one place, just give someone a shit. And their protege, Guaydo, has long been a blockhead.

Your truth. the rest of the media are silent

“A few minutes ago in San Diego ...” on Facebook !!! Wasn’t he the one who posted on faisse and did this ?!

This is all a consequence of liberalism with Juan! It is necessary to press mercilessly!

we introduce martial law and all the oppositionists into paradise. start with guaido

As long as the hydra (guaydo) do not take their heads off, this is how it will continue.



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