The bomber PAK DA


The latest Russian bomber in the present year 2018

Russian strategic bomber PAK DA present in 2018 year.

For information about this on Thursday announced Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov, who said that only a year and a half, the latest Russian strategic bomber will be officially unveiled. It is necessary to clarify the fact that the plane has a unique highest flight performance, ensures a high efficiency of its use.

When it will begin mass production of aircraft PAK DA to date remains unknown, however, taking into account the fact that the dates have shifted somewhat, it is logical to assume that this could happen in 2021-2022 years.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov gave comments on the Tu-160M2, which should begin to produce in 2021 year. Work on the PAK DA will continue for many years. Tu-160M2 and PAK DA are different projects.