The Uragan MLRS division deployed to the front was destroyed in less than an hour

The division of the Uragan MLRS transferred to the front was defeated in less than an hour.

The military published video footage showing the destruction of the Uragan MLRS division that had just been transferred to the front by rail. Apparently, the arrival of a train with multiple launch rocket systems was recorded in advance, and as soon as the equipment was removed from the railway platforms and placed in the vicinity of the station, it was hit. Literally within 20 minutes, 4 launchers were destroyed, after which four more launchers were destroyed. This indicates that an entire division of MLRS was destroyed, as well as transport loading vehicles, trucks with ammunition and other equipment.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of strikes on the locations of the Uragan MLRS launchers. Judging by the accuracy with which the strikes were delivered, the latter, apparently, were carried out by corrective ammunition. Some of the ammunition began to spontaneously detonate, resulting in collateral damage.

In fact, the Uragan MLRS division was destroyed within only an hour from the moment it was transferred to the front line, which was probably due to the lack of air cover.