Dozens of missiles were launched across Israel - the Iron Dome again had to be justified. Video.

Palestinians attacked Israel with dozens of missiles.

Israel’s aggressive actions against the Palestinians turned into a new problem for Tel Aviv - dozens of missiles were fired at Israeli cities, which the Iron Dome missile defense system could not once again cope with.

On the presented video frames you can see how the Israeli missile defense system intercepts the first wave of missiles fired from the Gaza Strip, while, according to sources, at least three missiles fired in the same direction were not struck, which in Israel itself was justified supposedly by the lack of need to shoot them down due to the lack of threat, although before that, it was decided to intercept missiles flying in this direction for unknown reasons.

According to a number of sources, Israeli missile defense systems intercepted 72% of the missiles fired throughout the country, while the exact number of missiles fired into Israel is not known - if the Palestinian side reports the launch of “multiple missiles”, then the Israeli notes that “several fired missiles” were successfully destroyed.

It should be clarified that Israel is far from the first time trying to justify its means of air defense and missile defense.

According to experts, Israel’s conduct of a military operation in the Gaza Strip may be difficult, as previously there was evidence that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad had air defense equipment, including man-portable air defense systems and Osa air defense systems, but there was no evidence of this not yet.

There is no problem in the region.

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You are deliberately lying to your readers. I am a resident of the city of Ashkelon, which has accounted for at least 60% of Gaza missiles fired in southern cities over the years. So, the Iron Dome missile defense system has demonstrated high efficiency - up to 90%, moreover, only the release of missiles whose trajectory is not dangerous will not go astray, given the times when 40-60 missiles were fired at Ashkelon per day, it would be with yours estimates of the iron dome would have long been in ruins. All of you are lying