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Airbus A380 delivery to Transaero postponed again

Airbus again postpones delivery of aircraft Airbus A380 Transaero Airlines.

The information was made public as part of the currently international airshow MAKS-2015At the same time, as the representative of the world-renowned aircraft manufacturing giant noted, the postponement of the delivery of aircraft is mainly due to the crisis situation in Russia.

It is assumed that the delivery time of the passenger airliners Airbus A380 will be moved to the middle of the 2016 year, however, at the same time, the resource has information that the delivery time of the same passenger airliners intended for the Russian airline Aeroflot is not transferred will be.

According to experts, the uncertainty in the ranks of the company "Airbus" clearly demonstrates some problems with the aircraft giant, however, no information on this official comments received.


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