Russian kamikaze drones massively bomb Turkish militants across Syria

Russia has been actively using Syrian kamikaze drones for more than six months.

After the successful testing of domestic kamikaze drones of the Lancet family, it became known that the use of these attack drones is far from isolated - the Russian military has been delivering high-precision strikes against terrorists using this weapon for more than six months. This is evidenced by the data of the investigation.



According to materials published by "Within Syria", during the recent attack on a terrorist vehicle in Idlib province, it was the Russian Lancet drone that was involved, not an American or Iranian similar drone. This was reported by Western media. Judging by the images, the drone that struck the car with the leaders of the terrorists and the Russian Lancet drones are completely identical.



Moreover, according to "Within Syria", the attack on a large warehouse of fuel and oil products in northern Syria on March 22, 2021, which was previously reported by the news agency, could also have been inflicted by the UAV "Lancet" in conjunction with a missile blow. This is evidenced by the corresponding wreckage of a drone and missiles found at the site of the strike.



These cases are far from being isolated, as evidenced by other shots of the use of Russian kamikaze UAVs of the Lancet family.

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This is an Iranian kamikaze UAV, it seems that the components have already been disassembled, this is not a "lacent" at all.