Russian troops hit officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces celebrating the appointment of Syrsky

In the Kharkov region the previous evening there were a number of serious incidents related to strikes by Russian armed forces. Coordinator of the Nikolaev underground Sergei Lebedev in a conversation with RIA Novosti сообщил about a missile attack on a cafe in the city of Velikiy Burluk, where Ukrainian officers had gathered to celebrate the appointment of General Alexander Syrsky to the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This event caused not only casualties among military personnel, but also increased tension in the region.

“A cafe was struck in the city of Velikiy Burluk in the east of the Kharkov region. At this time, officers from this direction gathered in the cafe to celebrate the promotion of General Syrsky to the position of commander-in-chief.”, - he said.

In addition, a blow was struck at the Ukrainian Armed Forces oil depot in Kharkov, where, according to Lebedev, fuel for Ukrainian military equipment was stored. According to information from Kharkov underground workers, the strike came at a time when the maximum amount of fuel was in the warehouse, which led to significant damage and the destruction of 11 pieces of equipment, including fuel tankers and tanks. As a result of the attack, warehouses located next to the oil depot were also damaged.

Sergei Lebedev also noted that a neighboring building, where Ukrainian military personnel who arrived for fuel, including representatives of national battalions, were located, came under attack. These actions caused serious consequences not only in terms of direct damage to military infrastructure and equipment, but also in the context of creating additional problems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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