Russian Su-34 attacked the accumulation of manpower and equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with FABs

During a special military operation, the Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber carried out a strike on the accumulation of enemy manpower and equipment in the Kupyansk direction, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports. According to the department's statement, the air strike was carried out with high-explosive aerial bombs equipped with a universal planning and correction module, which made it possible to hit targets with high accuracy.

“During a combat mission, the crew of the Su-34 fighter-bomber of the Aerospace Forces carried out an air strike with high-explosive aerial bombs with a universal planning and correction module for the location of personnel and armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine", the Ministry of Defense emphasizes.

The ministry also clarified that as a result of the precision bombing, all targets identified for the strike were destroyed. After successfully completing the combat mission, the aircraft returned to the departure airfield without losses.

The Ministry of Defense statement pays particular attention to the capabilities of the ammunition used. High-explosive aerial bombs with a universal planning and correction module ensure high accuracy of strikes against targets, bypassing the affected areas of enemy air defense systems. This significantly increases the effectiveness of combat missions and safety for flight personnel.

Videos provided by the Ministry of Defense show the fighter preparing for takeoff, the process of aiming at the target, as well as the moment the bombs were dropped and their planning above the clouds. The video ends with a shot of the Su-34 returning to base, which confirms the successful completion of the assigned task.


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