Winning Airline


S7 Airlines and Pobeda entered the TOP-10 of the best air carriers in the world

Russian air carriers "S7 Airlines"And" Victory "entered the top ten in the world.

The data on this was made public by SkyScanner, and the questions about which carrier is the best or worst were decided by the passengers themselves, who were given the opportunity to vote on an airline that meets their requirements.

According to the promulgated rating, the Russian air carrier "S7 Airlines" took the third line, and after it, in the fourth position, the local "Pobeda" is located, and the lag behind the leaders, and they became such air operators as "EasyJet" (Great Britain) and " Norwegian "(Norway), was immaterial.

The main criteria that were rated by the passengers of Russian air carriers were the quality of services and the cost of air tickets, and experts believe that the very fact that a number of the largest air carriers of Europe and the world as a whole is behind is already a big progress.