Airline Northstar


Aircraft "Nordstar" could not fly from Krasnoyarsk to Tomsk because of a breakdown

Due to technical problems with the aircraft, the flight from Krasnoyarsk to Tomsk is delayed.

According to the information portal, in preparation for the implementation of the flight, it was found technical fault with the aircraft ATR-42-500In view of what is currently airline passengers'Northstar"Are forced to wait for the arrival of a backup aircraft, however, on the assurances of the airline's customers themselves, the representatives of the carrier could not clearly report how long the delay would be.

What kind of technical malfunction has been identified in the Nordstar air carrier aircraft, at the moment remains unknown, but given the fact that we had to use the capabilities of the backup aircraft, it is worth suggesting that it is not possible to fix the malfunction in a short time.

According to the information received, at the moment, an 42 passenger is waiting at the Krasnoyarsk airport.