Syrian militants urgently evacuated from Maarrat-en-Nuuman. Video

Militants flee from the strikes of the air forces and the Syrian army to the Turkish border.

The successful offensive operation, thanks to which it was possible to liberate the entire northern part of the Syrian province of Hama and part of the province of Idlib, forced the terrorists to flee north, closer to the Turkish border. So, had a video at its disposal, according to which it can be seen that the militants almost completely left the city of Maarrat-en-Nuuman, located 20 kilometers north of Khan Sheikhun.

On the presented video frames you can see that the streets of the city, in which there were about 90 thousand inhabitants before the war, are almost completely empty. According to the source, the terrorists are trying to concentrate their forces in the area of ​​Idlib and Serakib, intending to organize a powerful defense.

Video footage shot by Siriisk intelligence

“The whole city is controlled by a small detachment of militants who are more likely to act as scouts, carrying out fleeing attacks on the military, fearing to be hit by artillery and aircraft”, the source said in a statement.

It should be clarified that at the moment the offensive operation has been temporarily suspended, which, presumably, is due to the Turkish leader’s intention to discuss with Syria the further situation in Syria, however, given the ongoing attacks by both the Russian air forces and the Syrian military, the terrorists were only given a delay.