M.R.C. Typhoon


The United States began to adopt previously banned missile systems capable of reaching Russia from US territory

The United States began deploying the first medium-range missile systems capable of reaching the Far East of Russia.

At the moment, it is known that the US army has already begun to receive the first Typhoon missile launchers capable of striking at distances up to 1800 kilometers. Thus, Washington emphasized that it did not intend to negotiate with Russia on the renewal of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which limited the maximum range of such weapons to a distance of 500 kilometers.

According to the data presented, the massive training of the US military to deploy such weapons will begin next year. At the same time, at least 250 missile systems of this type are expected to be put into service, which makes it possible to deliver a simultaneous strike with a thousand missiles.

«M.R.C. Typhoon consists of launchers, missiles and a battery control center designed to deal with ground threats. The development and implementation of new means for conducting high-precision fire at long distances is one of the main priorities in the context of army modernization"- said in the message.

The Russian military has not yet made any official statements about this, however, it is more than likely that medium-range missile systems will also appear in Russian arsenal in the near future.


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