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It became known about the death of 60 Russian military in Syria and the losses in the videoconferencing

The media reported the deaths of 60 Russian troops in Syria.

According to media reports citing Western military sources, at least 60 Russian troops were killed in Syria, while the Russian air forces also suffered serious losses, in particular, the loss of 23 aircraft and helicopters.

“From 2015 to 2018, Russia lost in Syria at least 19 manned aircraft (11 helicopters and 8 aircraft), which led to the death of 23 crew members and 37 passengers. The American magazine explains such losses by the inexperience of the Russian military in expeditionary operations and problems with equipment. It was possible to avoid such incidents, as the newspaper writes, using high-precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles. “However, these losses were too small to prevent the aerospace forces [Russian Aerospace Forces] and naval aviation from completing more than 39 sorties in Syria by mid-000, which changed the course of the conflict in favor of [President Bashar] Assad,” - concludes the magazine ", - about it сообщает Lenta.ru, with reference to The National Interest.

It should be clarified that among the main causes of the crash of Russian planes and helicopters in Syria are really technical problems, however, it is also necessary to note the fact that in a number of cases Russian military equipment was shot down, in particular, we are talking about the Su-24 bomber, an attack aircraft Su-25, Il-20 aircraft, etc. However, experts are surprised by the statement that the inexperience of Russian pilots is to blame.

“What kind of inexperience can we talk about? The Russian Aerospace Forces did an excellent job with their tasks, demonstrating their readiness to dominate both on the ground and in the air. If the United States hints at the fact that they are not suffering losses, then it should be noted that Washington is not fighting on either side, supporting both militants and terrorists. ", - the expert Avia.pro marks.

Kingdom of heaven to fallen heroes! I would also like the Syrian government and people to provide materially for the widows and orphans of the military. Who will replace fathers and husbands in these families in remote garrisons. What funds will these people live on. No one is telling why. Probably just this is not interesting ...

it was necessary to add that all these losses are connected with the attempt of a number of Western countries to arrange a second Afghanistan for Russia, for how much reason they are silent about the number of NATO warriors in Syria.



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